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“Sexy, funny, containing a ruggedly handsome war hero with a Scottish accent and a sweet, funny heroine who I couldn’t help but adore, how is one to resist?”
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At the age of sixteen Miss Madeline Gracechild knew for certain that her first season would be complete disaster. Prone to freezing in crowds and hopelessly awkward at speaking with gentleman, she does the only thing she can think of; she makes up a fiancee. A fiancee who is far away…like say a handsome Scottish Captain in the army. The deception works a little too well and years later she find herself firmly on the shelf with an inherited Scottish castle and wearing half mourning for a ‘fiancee’ who sadly perished in battle. That is, until her Captain shows up at her castle, determined to marry her…

Give me a minute, I need some time to wipe the grin off my face after reading When a Scot Ties the Knot, because, in short this book was fantastic. Sexy, funny, containing a ruggedly handsome war hero with a Scottish accent and a sweet, funny heroine who I couldn’t help but adore, how is one to resist? One doesn’t, you just sit back and let Tessa Dare sweep you off your feet.  

The one thing that really stands out for me in this book is the beginning, where Maddie is writing letters to her fictitious fiancee to keep up the ruse. The letters are sweet the outpourings of an intelligent, funny but lonely young woman with a lively imagination and from that point I just knew I would love this book. I wasn’t wrong and as I continued to read I was more and more enthralled with all the characters that Dare introduced.

This leads me nicely into our sexy Scottish captain, Logan MacKenzie, who all this time has been receiving her letters. He is supposedly devoid of feeling and only wanting to marry Maddie so he and his men can set up a home in her castle and on her lands, he definitely has NOT treasured her letters and he definitely WASN’T upset when she killed him off… The dialogue between Logan and Maddie had me glued to the page; it managed to be both, sexy and full of feeling, showing both characters at their best.

“I’ve learned a thing or two about you. I noticed how you flirted with me downstairs.”
“Flirted? Don’t be absurd.”
“You stare at me. You’re fascinated.”
“It’s just the kilt.”
“It might be partly the kilt. It’s mostly the swagger.”

This was a fantastic read, I highly recommend you give this book a go, even if you haven’t read the others in the series. Although, if you haven’t read any of this series, I also highly recommend you give those a try as well, Dare has skillfully crafted us all a treat with Castles Ever After series.

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  1. I’ve read the first two books in this series. Bought the first one, borrowed the second one (though I hope to remedy that), and bought this book yesterday.

    Nice to have read your review about it. 🙂

  2. I have Romancing The Duke,and after reading this review,I’m looking forward to read this series 🙂
    The teaser is so great!
    Thanks for the awesome review Suzanne 🙂