“Unfortunately, I didn’t find quite as enthralling as I hoped.”
~ Under the Covers

Cat wants one thing in life; peace and quiet so she can write her novel. However, being the eldest of nine siblings solitude and calm is not something that she experiences very often. So when the chance to be the Spinster house spinster comes along, she is determined to seize it. Marcus, the Duke of Hart, otherwise known as the Cursed Duke, cursed to never life past his firstborn son’s birth, due to the rakeish ways of one of his ancestors, has come to the village of Loves Bridge to pick the next Spinster House spinster. As is his duty according to the curse. However, he can’t keep his mind (and hands) off the most eager applicant for Spinster House, Cat. True love is said to break the curse, but are Marcus and Cat destined to be the ones to break it, or is the past just about to repeat itself?

I love it when a spinster catches her man, the poor fellas never see the spinster (or wallflower) coming; they are swiftly knocked off their feet with their heart ripped from their chest by the one person no one suspects. They are the ninjas of historical romance. So, I was very much looking forward to What To Do With A Duke so I could once again see a ninja in action. Unfortunately, I didn’t find quite as enthralling as I hoped.

But, lets start with the good bits, I did like the characters and the idea behind this series and despite not being fond of this book, I would read the next one. Cat was funny and feisty, the traits I like in a heroine and I liked that Marcus although troubled, wasn’t afraid to admit that he was lonely, and for once we have a hero who wanted a wife, if only he wouldn’t die soon after the conception of his first son.

However, there were two reasons why I couldn’t rate this book any higher. The first one being how quickly and easily Cat fell in love. I’m aware that insta-love is a massive plot device in romance, but after just a couple of conversations I just found it unbelievable that such a confirmed spinster believed herself to be in love. It just didn’t feel right.

The second reason I was frustrated with this book was the ending. Maybe it is wrong, but I fully expected this book to be wrapped up in a neat little bow and I would know once and for all if the curse is broken by the last page, so we can then move on to one of Marcus and Cat’s friends. That didn’t happen, and it left the book feeling half-finished and me feeling unsatisfied, it was almost like they had forgotten to add the last chapter or an epilogue.

Although this book didn’t live up to my expectations, I will read the next book, I now need to know what happens! But, I am not sure it is something I would recommend.


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