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“If there is one author out there that can make you fall in love with a group of characters, that is Lorelei James.”
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If there is one author out there that can make you fall in love with a group of characters, that is Lorelei James.  She’s proven that time and again. But where I’m used to seeing her do that with a western setting, this is a bit different.  Brady Lund and his family are billionaires.  You can find athletes, business men, and yes maybe even a bit more rugged one.   But at the center, it’s that family dynamic and the connection that keeps me coming back for more.  I am excited to explore that in this new series because I’m already hooked on all of them!

That being said, I went into this book thinking it was an erotic romance only to find it categorizes more as contemporary romance for me.  The heat level is much lower than what I’m used to seeing from Ms. James.  That doesn’t necessarily mean a bad thing, just a different thing, because as much as the same focus on relationships and connection as her previous work is still there, I found I was missing a bit of the steam.

Nevertheless, this takes a simple and done before concept (billionaire falling for secretary working for his huge family empire company) and Ms. James makes it her own.  I know to always trust that she will do that and that I will enjoy what she comes up with.  Lennox is a spunky a heroine as I like to see.  She’s had a tough go at life but she’s made something of herself, all on her own, and she’s at a better place now.  Brady is looking for a bit of adventure to loosen up his buttoned up, all work all the time, lifestyle.  And as soon as he realizes he can have that with the woman he’s been lusting after for a while, then all bets are off.  And I loved seeing him let go!

The characters are perfect, the romance is perfect and takes things step by step.  Not too rushed, not too slow.  There is no unnecessary drama or angst thrown in for no reason.  But it’s also not one of those “too sweet” stories.  It has the perfect blend I want in my contemporary romance.  It kept me turning the pages so fast that I didn’t even realize when we were getting near then end and then I couldn’t stop.

All that, and my blue balls from the sexual tension aside, this is a series I’ll be looking forward to seeing more of soon!  Great job at putting your stamp on this trope Ms. James

Favorite quote:

“Brady Lund was always impeccably dressed, showcasing his long, lean body in an insanely expensive suit.  He was always immaculately coifed – his angular face smoothly shaved, his thick, dark hair artfully tousled, giving the appearance of boyish charm.
As if a shark could be charming.”




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