“…the story and the way it’s told still has the charm I come to expect from this author and it was a pretty enjoyable read.”
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Here’s the thing.  I always come back to reading a Tara Lain story because I like her uncomplicated style of delivering.  I really enjoyed the first book in this series as it was a bit of a gay-for-you story about a manly construction worker and she always seems to team those types with the very much out and obviously gay guy. This was a bit like that in a way.

Our main characters are a closeted gay guy who supposedly didn’t know he was gay, and a successful doctor who is out and proud.  Billy Ballew is the son of a very rich man but he left home and hasn’t had contact with his family since.  We only know bits and pieces of what happened.  But then his brother turns up on his doorstep looking for a place to stay after their father kicked him out because he came out as a gay man.  Billy starts questioning his own sexuality after he meets the sexy Japanese doctor, Ken.  See Ken looks just like the yaoi characters he’s used as spank material since he was a teenager.  Now, in the flesh and very interested, Billy doesn’t know if he should give in to his desires and admit several things about himself, or continue denying his wants and not get Ken.

I liked both characters and I liked the differences between them and how that made for a very interesting relationship.  They both have family issues to deal with which added a nice layer to the story.  What I wasn’t convinced about was the “gay-for-you” aspect the author tried to convey.  I mean, if Billy constantly talks about the yaoi he’s liked since he was a kid, it doesn’t make sense to me that he never thought he may be into guys!  So that whole internal argument about that I didn’t buy into and felt forced just to fit a trope.

However, the story and the way it’s told still has the charm I come to expect from this author and it was a pretty enjoyable read.  I am, as always, anxious to see what she comes out with next!




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