“WEATHER THE STORM felt a bit like a preparation for the end type of installment.”
~ Under the Covers

Well, we are coming to an end.  Finally!  And I finally see the way things will start blowing up in people’s faces.  Although, I foresee a cliffhanger ending to this season.  Not happy about that.

WEATHER THE STORM felt a bit like a preparation for the end type of installment.  What I liked about it is that it lacked the over the top drama that the rest of the characters experience in Storm.  This story centers around Bryce, the Pastor, and his wife Tara.  They are dealing with their youngest song being diagnosed with autism and how that is taking a toll on their marriage.  I was really happy that the author didn’t work in extra stuff. And to see somewhat of a happy resolution to their issues.  The first in this series history!

Then there’s Dakota.  I really dislike her character and she seems to be the one that will bring hell on Ginny Moreno’s parade.  It had to be, right?

Overall, I couldn’t quite connect with the characters in this story as much as I wanted to and we don’t get enough of the ones I do care about to keep pushing me to continue, although I will finish this “season”.




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  1. I agree with what you said about not being able to care much about the characters in this episode. The only characters I really like are Patrick, Logan, and Mallory because to me they are the victims. I would have liked to have seen more of them.

    Compared to other episodes, I was somewhat bored; I guess I’ve gotten hooked on what you called the “over the top drama.” I was expecting something bigger in this one, since the previous ones were forewarning of a big disaster.