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“Kudos to Cecy Robson, the romance was well done!” ~ Under the Covers

Once Kissed is the first installment from The O’brien Family and a spin-off from Shattered Past series. While Shattered Past focused on the Santos siblings, O’brien Family will focus on, well, the O’brien siblings.

First up is Curran who is a Philly cop assigned on light duty due to a recent incident that resulted with his partner getting seriously hurt. This assignment is suppose to get him back on track. He’s not happy about it but it has its perks. The lady he’ll be protecting is no other than his one-night-stand from college, Tess Newart. He and Tess has changed quite a bit since the. but it’s obvious that the attraction remains the same. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. They both have demons that can prevent them from getting their happy-ending. Curran suffers from PTSD and Tess, an abusive father, not to mention the danger she is in by working with the District Attorney and simply, the pressures of life.

I loved the opposite-attract vibe in their relationship. Curran is funny, flirty, and sexy while Tes sported a librarian look, very serious and very closed off. Despite the difference the pairing worked and not a sight of instalove in their relationship. Kudos to Cecy Robson, the romance was well done!

The O’brien siblings together was a sight to be held. They were hilarious with their banters and teased each other to the brink of annoyance and embarrassment but in the end, the love and loyalty between them is strong and palpable. These siblings truly captured my heart. They are all down to earth, not just with their personalities, but the lives they live. There were are no gazilionaires with a tortured past in sight but honest to goodness regular people…down to earth.

Curran’s brother Killian already had his book and there are a total of seven siblings. I’m excited to read all their stories. I’m not quite sure who’s up next but whether it’s Angus, Seamus, Declan, Finnie, or Wren, I’m confident that Ms. Robson will not disappoint. She hasn’t yet.



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  1. Angela, I am so touched by your words of praise and your wonderful feature! I’m also beyond thrilled over how much you love the O’Briens. Thank you so much for taking the time to read ONCE KISSED and for your continued support. It means the world to me! Hugs!