“Lora Leigh can always be counted on to turn up the heat.”
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Lora Leigh can always be counted on to turn up the heat.  WAKE A SLEEPING TIGER was definitely hot and in many ways it fits in nicely with the classic stories in the Breeds series.  I think my enjoyment of this book was hindered by the fact that this is so far into the series and I don’t think there’s a lot more left to explore that hasn’t been done before.

It is crazy to say we are at book 31 in the Breeds series.  And crazy still that I’m still reading them.  Here’s the thing.  WAKE A SLEEPING TIGER is pretty classic Lora Leigh and I actually think had this not been book 31 I probably would’ve enjoyed this more than I did.  And it’s not necessarily that I didn’t enjoy it.  But after so many books, things get repetitive even when we are dealing with new characters and new situations.  It all feels a bit like it’s been done before.  What I loved in book 8 won’t get the same reaction out of me in book 30, and that’s what’s going on with these books.  The hero finds his mate, mating heat comes into play, there’s a danger to the heroine’s life for some reason that the hero needs to keep her safe.  This didn’t stray from that formula and overall, I think I enjoyed these two more than maybe the past few books in the series.  However, I think I just need this series to get to a finishing point.  The only reason I keep reading is because I need to know what happens with Cassie and get her book once and for all.  If it’s not the next one, I’m not sure that I’ll continue.

But back to this book!  The hero was previously married and knew his wife wasn’t his mate.  Him being a recessed breed, his animal side wasn’t affecting him as other males of his species.  He was able to hold off mating heat until his mate decides to quit her position working for him at the Law Enforcement Agency.  She wants to be in the midst of the action, using her honed skills, and Cullen just wants to keep her cuddled and safe.  Her actions spark his recessed genes and push him to lose control.

I can’t remember if we’ve heard about these two interacting before so when things finally come to a head between them at the beginning of this book it felt like a bit rushed for me.  Obviously with the history between them I understand they aren’t.  The chemistry between Cullen and Chelsea worked well for me.  They definitely have sparks and I liked her character as well.  She wants to be useful in the field she’s chosen and won’t stand to have anyone get in her way.

I feel like a bit part of this book is dealing with smaller issues that pertain to this group of characters and I felt like it wasn’t advancing the overall series arc much.  That is until we get to the very end.  The ending bit of this book was exciting  for me because I may see a glimpse of something setting up that I’m definitely interested in seeing.  I just hope it goes in the direction I’m expecting and doesn’t continue dragging.

So overall, this is a good book but if you’re a fan of the series already and have read them all then you may start considering them boring and repetitive.  Lora Leigh can still write a hot sex scene even though I thought we could’ve done with a few less of those in this book.  But the animalistic side of the breeds shows so much passion that you can’t help but be drawn in by them.  I am hopeful that the next book will give me what I want so I’ll be anxiously awaiting it.




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