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“There is a lot of heartache in this book, but in the end there is that hope.”
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In the first book, we met three good friends.  Austin and December are married and their marriage faces the devastation of his slide into alcoholism.  The one to pick up the pieces of December is Austin lifelong best friend Cord.  And this book deals with all the effects after that.  This is definitely a more angsty book than the first one because for a big part of it Austin is dealing with recovering and staying sober.  Struggling to admit that he’s hit rock bottom, that he needs help and this is not something he can fix on his own.

I loved the real feel of that struggle shown in this book, and also the fact that he needed someone to be his rock and that someone was there for him.  While this also added a lot of angst to this book, it wasn’t superficial.  I liked seeing that struggle so that I could come to terms with an HEA in the end after all that.  I think this series has shown alcoholism as the disease it is and the strength Austin has shown digging himself out of it is nothing short of impressive.

As much as I love both Austin and December, I have a soft spot in my heart for Cord through this whole series and in the end I think I just want to see him get everything he’s always wanted.  He’s had to hide his feelings of being in love with his best friend his whole life.  Then after they married, he had to also hide the love and affection he felt for his best friend’s wife.  He was always the one giving of himself to others.  Making sure everyone else was taken care of and happy, no matter what the cost was to him to make sure that happened.  So as long as Cord is happy, I’ll be happy with this story.

There is a lot of heartache in this book, but in the end there is that hope.  The hope that these three lives that are intrinsically entwined will be finally free to be together.  There is no way two could ever be totally happy without the third. The bonds of friendship and love go deeper than the physical and have for many years and it’s finally come to the point that the physical is explored.  I definitely wasn’t expecting the ending to go quite the way it did but I loved it and I am dying to get the next installment and to see them all have a final resolution.




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