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After a tragic series of events in Diana Casillas’ family, she becomes guardian to her two young nephews. Not that she minds, she couldn’t love them more even if they were her own kids, and now they finally have a house big enough for all three of them. Everything is great, even if having two young kids has destroyed any semblance of a social life, let alone a love life. Then again, she does have her neighbour to ogle, even if he is the grumpiest man she’s ever met.

I have now read nearly all the books in Mariana Zapata’s back list. It’s a bittersweet moment, I now only have one book left Kult left to read, after that I will have to wait with everyone else for her next release. Yet I can’t regret reading them so quickly and this is one of my favourites after Rhythm, Chord and Malykhin.

Zapata has deviated slightly from her usual friends-to-lovers format and Wait For It was instead neighbours-to-lovers. Like I said, it was only a slight variation! However, it followed a similar format, they both have really bad first impressions with one another and slowly as they become closer their relationship develops.

What I love about this book is that I change my mind about Dallas at about the same time as the heroine did. I thought he was kind of a jerk, even if he was hot, when I started reading. But as the story went on, much like Diana, I found Zapata had me falling head over heels for him. Then there is the cuteness factor, apparently when a hot man is kind to a child, especially when it’s not his own, it short wires my brain and suddenly cartoon love hearts start floating everywhere.

As well as a fantastic slow burn romance this book is also full of humour and I loved the relationship that Diana had with her two nephews. It was at times adorable, hilarious and emotional and it really added some depth to the book. Diana had some real life problems, feelings of inadequacy, issues with her parents, grief for her brother and suddenly being thrust into the role of parent. It all culminated into a fantastic book that I highly recommend everyone give a try.

I also liked that this seemed to connect to other books by Mariana Zapata, although you in no way need to have read them. Diana is the best friends of Vanessa who is the heroine of The Wall of Winnipeg and Me, and Diana does appear in that book. Diana is also the cousin of the heroine of Kulti – I have no idea if she appears though as I haven’t read that one yet!

A great book, I will be picking up Kulti soon so I can finally complete my mission of reading everything that Mariana Zapata has ever written! If you want a book that is full of humour, family, friendship and romance than you need to give Wait For It a try.


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  1. Awesome review suzanne!! Sound real good,on my tbr gr list! Shared on all my socials!!

  2. Loved Wall of Winnipeg & Kulti, and this one’s on the list! (P.S. Diana isn’t in Kulti at all.)