“US was the perfect culmination of this beautiful love story.  Strengthening their bonds and giving us a true and strong HEA.  I was very happy to see that.”
~ Under the Covers

I fell in love with Wes and Jamie quick and hard when I read HIM.  We were left with an HEA that could’ve worked but had a lot of obstacles to overcome still.  So when I found out about US  I was thrilled!

US was quite different than HIM.  It’s understandable as the boys are at different stages in their lives and dealing with completely different issues in their relationship.  I found myself getting upset at how Wes was handling some things, and then after a while at Jamie too because …. just communicate!  It’s a testament to how much I like these guys that I was so invested in their relationship.

Wes is the star Rookie in the team and doesn’t want his sexual orientation to be what’s headlining the news.  So he continues to keep his relationship with Jamie a secret, from even his teammates.   Jamie is now dealing with being away from his family, in a new city, without any friends, and not being able to live a normal life outside of the safety of their apartment.  It’s all coming to a boiling point.

I liked seeing the more mature storyline here.  They are now living their every day lives, no more school or training camps.  This is what their careers will look like.  And they are both adjusting to those roles.  I think some things that happened could’ve been less dragged on, and that’s probably what was getting to me at one point.  But this book definitely kept my interest the whole time.

But you must be wondering…was it as hot as the first one?  I don’t think so.  This book was different.  Sweeter.  But it showed a deeper and more emotional connection between these two.  Even when they were at odds with each other.  And when I wanted to throttle both of them at some points.

We also get to know Wes’s team more and I really hope that we get to see more of them in future books.  I especially fell for Blake because he’s so over the top someone just needs to reign him in. 😉

US was the perfect culmination of this beautiful love story.  Strengthening their bonds and giving us a true and strong HEA.  I was very happy to see that.



At long last, I’m twenty paces away, then ten. Then I’m opening our door. “Hey babe!” I call out like I always do. “I made it.” I drag my duffel over the threshold, then toss my suit coat on top, abandoning these things beside the door, because all I need now is a kiss.

Only then do I notice that our apartment smells amazing. Jamie has cooked dinner for me. Again. He is the perfect man, I swear to God.

“Hey!” he calls, emerging from the hallway leading to our bedroom. He’s wearing jeans and nothing else except—and this is unusual—a beard. “Do I know you?” He gives me a sexy smile.

“I was going to ask the same thing.” I’m staring at the sandy-blond beard. Jamie has always been clean-shaven. I mean—we’ve known each other since before facial hair. He looks different. Older, maybe.

And hot as blazes. Seriously, I can’t wait to feel that beard against my face, and maybe my balls… Jesus. The blood is already rushing south, and I’ve been home fifteen seconds.

And yet I’m just stuck there in the middle of the room for a moment, because even though it’s been eight months since Jamie and I started up together, I’m still a little stunned at my own good fortune. “Hi,” I say again, stupidly.

He walks forward, his easy gait so familiar that my heart breaks a little bit. He puts his hands on my traps and squeezes the muscle there. “Don’t go away for so long. If you do that again, I’m going to have to sneak into your hotel room on the road.”

“Promise?” I ask, and it comes out like gravel. He’s close enough now that I can smell the ocean scent of his shampoo and the beer he drank while he waited for me.

“If I ever get a winning lottery ticket and a day off, I’ll do it,” he says. “Hotel sex after a game? Sounds hot.”

Now I’m measuring the distance to our sofa and counting the layers of clothes I’ll need to remove in the next ninety seconds.



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