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“MARKED IN FLESH is another excellent addition to the series. Bishop will no doubt have readers howling with excitement!”
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In book four of the Others series, Anne Bishop returns to the unique world of the Others and the cassandra sangue.

What lacked in terms of the romance between Meg and Simon in the last novel is certainly made up here. But don’t expect page after page of romance from Bishop in this book. This is still a Urban Fantasy but Bishop opens up the book with a cute scene featuring our two main characters. It’s clear that Meg is getting more and more comfortable with Simon now and the wolf is finding this quiet, sweet girl more alluring. Dotted throughout the book are other sweet and tender moments, hinting at a greater romance in future books.

But in addition to some Simon and Meg page time, there are soooo many other characters that step up and provide greater insight into the world and the politics. Things are definitely heating up with the Others and I have a feeling that readers will be glued to the pages, waiting to find out what happens next.

What sets this book apart from other Urban Fantasy novels out there is Bishop’s writing. The overall tone of the series is dark as it deals with mass deaths, cutting and blood prophecies but there’s also something very innocent that the characters bring to the story. For example, these girls who have been rescued in the last book have some page time here. We see the aftermath and the traumatic effects that being forced to cut themselves has bring to them. Hope, in particular, brought this innocence that I’m talking about. You also see that in some of the wolves as well. When you read any one of the wolves’ POVs you definitely get the sense that they are “other”. They aren’t fully human with human thought processes. That animal instinct is there at the forefront and Bishop does a great job of conveying that to the reader. So if you’re a wolf fan, then you’ll certainly love this series!

MARKED IN FLESH is another excellent addition to the series. Bishop will no doubt have readers howling with excitement!




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