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“Her submissive men are knight in shining armor types that don’t have a hint of femininity.”
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Joey Hill has been my go to author since my introduction to BDSM literature. She was the one who started it all for me, and this series, the Nature of Desire series, was the beginning of my adventure. When a new release hits my Kindle, I take a deep breath and make sure I have quiet time. Joey’s prose is always lush and descriptive, her dialog real and compelling, and her scenes unique and captivating. Truly Helpless is book 10 in the series and while they all have characters that connect (even across series here), they’re essentially stand alone. Marius is a submissive on his terms: masculine, in your face, and sexy as hell. He doesn’t do relationships and has been known to turn the tables and mess with a Domme’s head. One night, he goes too far and is dismissed from his home club, The Zone. Management has observed him enough to know that one Domme, Lady Regina, seems to affect Marius in ways that suggest she could control him. He’s given one last chance to gain re-entry into The Zone: under Lady Regina’s tutelage. Marius isn’t so convinced. He has a dark and violent side that always simmers under the surface. Lady Regina is up for the challenge.

As I mentioned before, Joey Hill doesn’t cut corners when it comes to the stories she unfolds for her readers. I’ve never found one of her reads that wasn’t a deep and emotional exploration of the psychology of BDSM. Truly Helpless was no exception. Marius is easy to dislike as a character from the onset. He’s a rough fighter with a chip on his shoulder and as unlikely a submissive as you’d ever meet. Lady Regina is a beautiful, statuesque Domme, a highly educated professional, and a good match for Marius. Their play is not on the mild side in terms of kink level, but it’s deeply emotional and brutally physical. No one gets the headspace of a sub in consensual play more than Ms. Hill. I’m always in awe of how she connects two characters in such a beautiful way. This is a highly emotional book. Marius has lived through trauma that may be disturbing to some readers. One scene of tenderness had me in sobbing tears in my early morning reading. That’s unique for me. I loved how she wove in that aspect of his story into his healing (I refuse to spoil it!). If you would naturally shy away from femdom, try this series out. Her submissive men are knight in shining armor types that don’t have a hint of femininity. There’s always a satisfying HEA and a promise of things to come. A very highly recommended read for BDSM lovers who want to delve beyond the surface of what makes D/s relationships tick.




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  1. I can’t wait to read. Like you Jennifer, I was introduced to reading BDSM by Joey. I saw her at RAW and she introduced herself as “Hello, I’m Joey Hill and I’m a submissive.” BAM- who better to write about it than one who lives it.
    Plus a submissive man–a strong, submissive man- I melt.

  2. WOW! Thank you SO much, Jennifer. This was the best way to start my Sunday morning. If I can return the writing compliment, I love the detail and care you put into your reviews, whether praise or critical feedback (both help me as an author). This review made ME want to read the book, lol.

  3. Thank you so much for your review Jennifer!! I’m very picky about erotica and BDSM books,I only enjoy ones with great storylines, good characters! This author sounds awesome!! On my gr list!!! Shared on my socials!!!