“Although I loved the idea of this book, I found when I was reading I wasn’t quite as invested into the romance as I would have hoped.”
~ Under the Covers

I loved the idea of this book. Most of the romance we read starts at the point of the hero and heroine’s (or hero and hero or heroine and heroine and all combinations between) first meeting. In this, we are beyond the excitement of the first glance, the first touch and in the case of historical romance the first waltz and we start when the couple are married. This book focuses on how two strong minded people can build a marriage together so it works for both of them, all with an added dash of danger and intrigue.

Although I loved the idea of this book, I found when I was reading I wasn’t quite as invested into the romance as I would have hoped. In fact, I found myself reading more to find the conclusion of the suspense part of the plot then I did for the couple. Normally when you read a romance, there are the inevitable barriers between the couple, tension within the story that prevents them from being together. With this, that wasn’t the case any barriers had already been broken through and although it did harp on a bit about building the type of marriage they wanted, I found their relationship boring. They were in love, they were happy, job done.

But, what I did really like about this book was the thriller/spy plotline in the background. I found the mystery really interesting and it kept my hooked to the page. A small mystery turned into a bigger intrigue as the couple investigated more. However, although some aspects of this were resolved in this, the bigger mystery is still unsolved. This will be continued in the next book, through the eyes of another couple.

I did enjoy this book and I am definitely still interested enough to read the next one; however, I thought the romance aspect was weak.



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  1. I really need to read some Stephanie Laurens. She’s sort of a staple in the historical romance genre. I’m sorry you didn’t love this. It is a really interesting premise. This cover, though, cracks me up so much! That guy doesn’t even look real. It’s like a cutout or something.

  2. I’ve read some stephanie laurens and have more on my tbr but I have to be in the mood for one of her stories.