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“I just love the combination of Calmes’ writing style with her version of action and suspense. It’s unbeatable in my opinion.”
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TIED UP IN KNOTS is the third book in the Marshals series and it’s probably the most unique one yet. Again, we’re plunged straight into the action with Ian and Miro, one of my favorite M/M couples. But what’s cool about this book is that if you’re a fan of Rhys Ford’s Sinners series, you can recognize a couple of characters in this book. How fun is it that St. John and Morgan are in this book as well? Don’t worry if you haven’t read Ford or anything, you’ll still be able to enjoy this book, but it’s just nice for fans who read both authors to see the cross-over in this book. If I didn’t love Mary Calmes already, I’d love her even more for adding this special touch to her books. It’s very hard to integrate well-loved characters from another author into their own series, but I think Calmes does it well without overshadowing her own characters and also doing the cameo characters justice.

In addition to that, I think the action and suspense in this series gets amped up in this book. Right from the first page, Miro is thrown into some serious business and from there, it only seems to heat up as people are pointing fingers at Sam when some evidence is tampered with. Miro blows a gasket when the words “dirty” gets thrown around because he just won’t let anyone badmouth his boss.

As much as I love Miro in this book, the change in Ian Doyle is great. We’re seeing a much softer side of this tough guy and I loved all the little, sweet moments that was interspersed in the writing. The actual writing of this book also felt a little bit different too. There’s less banter and hanging around with the guys and more action and suspense. I think Calmes was really trying to make this book bigger and better and I think she definitely achieved it. I know there’s another book still to come, but I’m already hoping she continues with more books in this series. I just love the combination of Calmes’ writing style with her version of action and suspense. It’s unbeatable in my opinion.




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