“What this novella is packed with is plenty of chemistry!”
~ Under the Covers

Lorelei James brings two characters together that have dealt with big blows from life.  Cres loved his partner who died a few years ago after a freak accident and he hasn’t been the same since.  And Brock had his own issues to deal with that have made him a changed man.  The one thing that hasn’t changed for both of them was that attraction that once brought them together in a hot physical fling.

STRUNG UP was surprisingly quite drama free for characters that have gone through so much.  I was very happy to see that the author didn’t drag this story down with angst as it could’ve easily been.  What this novella is packed with is plenty of chemistry!  Cres and Breck have that in spades.  In and out of the bedroom (or against a wall).

Novellas are always hard because you have to pack so much connection into such a short amount of pages and this one worked very well for me!  There is the fact that these two had a connection from before that they just had to rekindle after shelving it for years.  That always makes it easier for me to believe in the outcome.  But the truth is these guys are two different people than they were back then, and I loved that it means they are now ready for a relationship and being together as two better versions of themselves.

The story has plenty of emotional moments as we find out more of what Breck has been through and as he deals with changing what he thought he wanted out of life.  It was nice to see the support from family that Cres always had through his own difficult times.  And that constant support system makes this book have that classic feel of family and unity that I love about Ms. James stories.  That along with the true western feel of life will surely draw you in and keep you turning the pages.

I would’ve loved to see a little more communication, and there was one thing about how Cres feels about his dead ex towards the end that I didn’t necessarily like as I felt it diminished that part of his life where it wasn’t necessary.  But other than that, this was such an enjoyable story and I can’t’ wait to go back in to this world!




A white catering van had been parked near the rear exit. It appeared I wasn’t the only one seeking an escape. A big guy, roughly the same size as Sutton, rested against the side of the van, one boot heel hooked to the running board. He wore dark jeans and a plain white button down shirt with a logo on the left pocket. He’d angled his head down, obscuring his face. But with that build and that posture, I knew I was looking at a rodeo cowboy.

Something seemed familiar about him.

That’s when I noticed the poker chip in his left hand. He passed it through his fingers over and over again. I recognized that nervous tic.

My gut tightened. I took a few more steps forward, alerting him to my presence.

He palmed the poker chip before he slowly raised his head and looked at me.

Then I was staring into that face. That handsome fucking smug face.

A face I used to dream of.

A face I hadn’t seen in four years, since Sutton and London’s wedding.

I waited for the dismissive sneer to distort that perfect mouth.

A mouth I’d dreamed of nearly as often as his perfect face.

But no sneer formed.

His compelling eyes met mine.

I saw his recognition in those arctic blue depths. Followed by wariness. But no hardness. Or the mean glint I’d unconsciously steeled myself against.

He didn’t move.

Neither did I.

I found my voice. “Breck?”

“Hey, Cres.”

“What are you doin’ out here?”

“Same thing you’re doin’, I reckon. Avoiding the crowd.” He paused and dipped his chin to the empty space beside him. “There’s room if you wanna take a load off.”

I waited for the innuendo.

None came.

Everything inside me cautioned me to beat a fast retreat.

Not everything. My long-dormant libido urged me to stay.




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