“THE WALL OF WINNIPEG AND ME takes slow burn to new heights!”
~ Under the Covers

This is my second read by Mariana Zapata and I knew going in that her thing is the slow burn.  And I actually enjoyed that in the previous book I read by her (Kulti).  But THE WALL OF WINNIPEG AND ME takes slow burn to new heights!  Clawing at the walls, asking for something to happen already heights.  To the point up that up until about 30% I thought maybe I was wrong and there was no romance!  And then even after it was sooooooo slow to build up…. You get the point.

So my enjoyment of this story is because I generally liked the heroine, Vanessa, and we are really just following along with her through the mess of her life.  She was the cook and personal assistant to football superstar Aiden Graves, better known as the Wall of Winnipeg, for years.  After one too many rude circumstances, Vanessa realizes it’s time she pursue her dreams of doing her own thing (graphic design work mostly) and leave this cook thing in the dust.  But Aiden has other plans for her.  And just when I thought his plans were of the somewhat romantic kind… No!  He needs someone to marry him so he can get his residence to stay in the US.  I kept looking for the double intentions, or the hints that Aiden was really over the moon in love with her, but this is all very straight forward.  What you see if what you get.  However, this arrangement gives them time to connect more than they had a chance to in the years prior while working together and the romance blossoms from that.  I both liked and hated that.  And then when things finally come to a head…. it feels like it’s all over and you don’t really get that much enjoyment of them as a couple, together.

That is not to say it’s not well written, or not a fun story.  But it has to be the right fit for your taste.  So yes, there were things about this book that made it enjoyable for me but after all that is said and done I think this style of story may just not be for me.  I don’t think I’ll be picking up another because of that reason alone.



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  1. That’s unfortunate. I own this one so I’ll read it eventually…thanks for sharing your thoughts Francesca

  2. I gave this book a try recently and although I did manage to finish it, I should have just DNF’ed it. Honestly, I thought Vanessa would have been better off with Zac. She seemed to have a real connection with him and he actually seemed to like her, unlike Aiden who pretty much ignored her for most of the book. I like slow burn romances, but the author needs to show some sort of attraction on both sides to make it believable. Aiden barely even spoke to Vanessa until about the 50% mark, and never touched her until about 75% in. Plus, the grammatical errors were really distracting.

  3. Fully agree with you: too slow; too little, too late on the romance; and everything was dragged out to the nth degree.

  4. Just finished this 100% agree with your review….in fact I wish I would have read your review prior to save myself the time and energy I spent on this. A lot of potential but ultimately a huge let down.