“STRONG SIGNAL is just the right combination of quirky and geeky with massively sexy alpha male.”
~ Under the Covers

I’ve read one book previously by each of these authors and I’m not sure how I missed this release before.  The cover was what caught my eye when I was doing some research after recently enjoying Santino’s work and then the blurb did me in.  I love the concept of finding love in cyberspace (even though that’s not something I would ever consider for myself) because I do know that you can forge strong bonds with people over the internet and I couldn’t wait to see these authors explore the concept.

STRONG SIGNAL is just the right combination of quirky and geeky with massively sexy alpha male.  It was delicious to see!  We have sexy twink Kai Bannon who is a pretty popular gamer (or gaymer;) who makes a living with his popular stream channel and basically playing for a living.  He also suffers from pretty debilitating anxiety to the point he hasn’t really left his apartment in years.  He lives his whole life online.  And then he meets Garrett.  Fellow gaming enthusiast, and sexy as hell mechanic, still in the military and deployed in the dessert.

Their friendship develops via emails, chats, naughty videos and Skype sessions.  Friendship first, flirting second, and more after.  They would seem like an unlikely couple on paper but they were so perfect together.  They both had something that made them vulnerable and that endeared them to me.  They had things to overcome to be together, the obvious being the distance but even after that was resolved they still had to work through issues on both sides.  Real life just gets in the way sometimes and I think these two authors did that well in this story without bugging it down too much with angst.  It wasn’t unnecessary angst just to fit a certain mold, it was real life issues that two people that love each other have to work together and compromise to overcome.  I really enjoyed that!

I am both anxious and concerned about reading the next book.  It features one of Garrett’s fuck buddies while in his last deployment.  He could come across at times as an asshole, so I’m curious as to how I’ll feel about his story and how he finds his cyberlove in the next installment.




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  1. Great review Francesca! No worries, you will really enjoy Fast Connection. Dominic is not the same guy as he was in Strong Signal, and he’s actually quite a loveable character. I can’t wait for you to read it!