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“This book was exactly what I needed to restore my faith in the paranormal.  Yes!  There can be a new series that catches my interest and gets me giddy again!”
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I have read Chloe Neill in the past and I admit that I enjoy her work.  As excited as I was to see she had a new series coming out, for some reason I didn’t rush to get to it.  See, that’s a lot of how I’ve felt lately about the Chicagoland Vampires series.  The books are always good.  And yet, I am still behind reading it because there’s just a certain something (don’t ask me what it is) that I find missing.  It doesn’t make me want to rush to read it.  Maybe it could just be that Merit and Ethan have gotten a bit stale for me.  So I blame that feeling on not reading this as soon as this review copy hit my hands months ago!

This has all the potential to becoming one of my new favorite paranormal series!  First of all, it involves magic.  There aren’t enough urban fantasy books centered around that in my opinion.  But the how it’s done it’s also so cool and completely different.  Kudos to Ms. Neill for some awesome world building.  And it was done flawlessly.  There’s no crazy info dump being book one trying to explain to you all the details and workings of the world.  You are learning as you go along, oftentimes with the heroine.  I was always fully immersed in the story.

The setting is post war (with paranormals) New Orleans.  The Veil was closed after and all types of magic is forbidden.  People who have the natural ability to do magic are called Sensitive.  If they don’t learn how to control the magic within them, they turn into wraiths.  People found guilty of using magic are sent to Devil’s Isle, which serves as a prison, but it’s more like a town just filled with some unwanted elements.  Me?  Sold on this 100%.  I thought it was brilliant.

Claire, our heroine, has been dealing with the death of her father during war.  She’s keeping her supply store running and trying to hide as best as she can that she is a Sensitive.  She doesn’t want the magic, but sometimes she can’t control it and it runs wild.  As it happened one night that causes the chain of events that leads to her being introduced to what you would consider the truth about their reality.  Oh and maybe save the world.  I absolutely loved Claire.  Why, you ask?  Because she kicks ass in the most natural way.  She’s not one of those bitchy women we see all the time in UF.  She’s also not a know it all.  She faces every situation as best as her knowledge lets her.  Without losing her cool.  Without getting into danger because she thought it would be the brave thing to do.  She’s not after the accolades, she just wants things to go right and she will do whatever is needed for that.  Very refreshing take on a UF heroine and I am a fan!

Then we have Liam.  Sigh the hero.  Yes, the hot alpha with a touch of bad boy.  He’s a bounty hunter.  His job is to find wraiths and turn them in.  No, nothing magical about him other than the fact he’s gorgeous and enthralling!  But he’s the one that spots that Claire is a Sensitive and takes her under his wing.  Did I mention hot, alpha and bad boy?  Liam is intense but with a side of mushy.  After all the bad he’s seen, he can still go with his emotions and let them dictate what he does.  He’s loyal to those around them, those he cares about.  And he kicks major ass, so there’s that.

THE VEIL was the perfect introduction to this world and if this is anything to go by, I will be a loyal fan of this series.  It’s action packed and fast paced, with enough sexual tension to keep a girl hoping.  And with a cast of characters that I couldn’t have picked better myself.  This book was exactly what I needed to restore my faith in the paranormal.  Yes!  There can be a new series that catches my interest and gets me giddy again!  And that is Devil’s Isle.

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