“I can’t say I didn’t enjoy this story.  It was an ok read for me.  But it wasn’t amazing.  It’s been such a long time since I’ve felt a book in this series is.”
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It is hard to make huge series commitments these days with the amount of books we are bombarded with on a weekly basis.  Back a few years, the market wasn’t as saturated and I binged on the Breeds series until I was caught up (at the time that was up to Lion’s Heat).  I have continued reading this series religiously ever since.  But also since then, I have come to feel disappointment with every book I read.  Why do I continue, do you ask?  I’ve come this far…I need resolutions on some old characters that are left open.  But what’s been happening in the middle is the dragging of the series without that closure.  We are given books about characters we could care less about and then we get thrown a bone about one we are anticipating.  BENGAL’S QUEST was that bone for me.

I’ve been interested in Gideon for a while and have wanted to read his story.  See what makes him tick.  He’s a conniving breed through and through, yes, but he’s also a genius scientist.  He played an important role in saving Jonas’s daughter.  We know he’s a survivor.  He must be so intense and complex!  So here we are, his story.  And I can guarantee you one thing… it is complex.

BENGAL’S QUEST can be over complicated and confusing at times.  Do yourself a favor and if you’re not following this series and have read the previous books, don’t read this one.  It’s just not going to be easy for you to follow what’s going on.  Ms. Leigh threw so much story into this book that it became too much to follow.  And then when it was too much to follow, I lost interest in it instead of trying to figure it out.

Gideon, who is now Graeme, has come back for his mate Cat/Claire.  When they were younger back in the labs, the breed scientists had brought a human child with a disease to Gideon to cure by changing her DNA to breed.  When she was 13, she saved Gideon’s life with a transfusion and that activated the mating heat for him.  When the chance to escape came for him, he left her and his twin brother behind.  It wasn’t until now he’s come back to claim his mate.

So a few pointers here.  The fact that Lora Leigh was able to come up with a completely different storyline as far as the genetics for this couple after so many books is a big achievement.  Cat starting out human and being turned into a breed was cool.  The mating heat being activated so many years ago, was cool.  But I had issues with the fact that in other books, mating heat is such a consuming need that without getting drugs to suppress it they can’t function without their mate.  How did Gideon survive all those years?  And after finally coming back together and then being together, I was expecting major earth shattering things to happen.  But it wasn’t quite like that.  I wanted that to be explored more.  I wanted to know more.  I wanted to feel more.

I can’t say I didn’t enjoy this story.  It was an ok read for me.  But it wasn’t amazing.  It’s been such a long time since I’ve felt a book in this series is.  While I was reading I felt both angered at myself for letting my book OCD continue reading the series, because, as I mentioned above, I want Cassie’s story.  Heck, I even want Eli’s book.  What ever happened to that?  But if it wasn’t for that book OCD I have, I would have dropped this series already.

The one thing I really did enjoy, other than the bad boy hero that is Gideon, was the fact that this book wraps up some old stories and in a way opens up new ones.  Hint hint, the Winged Breeds are back!  There she goes dangling that bone again.

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  1. Last one I read in this series was Lion’s Heat don’t know if I’ll ever feel like reading the others…thanks Francesca

  2. Elizabeth, I feel a little stronger than Francesca about this installment of the breeds but I’ve read them ALL and in order. It feels like she’s not as passionate about writing in general to me. As with all long running series’ there are stand outs and ones that just kinda skate. Gideon’s story was very important to the arc and a lot of questions got answered but it just wasn’t as satisfying as I had hoped.

    1. I do agree with you on the fact that it’s like she’s going through the motions of writing and getting that word count needed to put out the book, but the depth of the stories earlier in the series it’s missing. Maybe it’s just us because we are at book 30. I’m not sure.

  3. I’ve read this series from the beginning but life has gotten in the way lately and haven’t read this one. If I want to stay true to the series, maybe I’ll just grab a copy from my local library instead of adding it to my personal library. I’ve also enjoyed to see what others have felt about your review.