“I was expecting more pulse-pounding suspense.”
~ Under the Covers

I’ve been seeing this book make its rounds a lot on social media so as soon as it released I had to jump on it.  I’ve been in the mood to read a good thriller!  I liked the premise of this story because of the blurb.  I’m not much for adventure vacations like rafting and hiking, but the all too real concept of something going awfully wrong in that scenario was appealing.  And on that note, this book definitely delivers!

The things that I liked about the book…

  • Solid storytelling.  It was really storytelling more so than just plain old writing.  The author does a great job at depicting what’s going on for you.
  • Freaky and real possibility of the scenario happening, which is what made the story have that eerie and creepy vibe.

Sadly, that’s where my list ends.

The things I didn’t like….

  • The characters.  Oh God, the characters!  I really could’ve cared less about all three whiny women.  I liked the fact that they were older women because that brings a nice new set of issues they were all dealing with.  However, I had to wonder where did they all go so wrong.  As much as the narration and choice of words was nice, I couldn’t help but feel completely uninterested in the characters themselves.
  • Over-descriptive.  Yes, I know I loved the storytelling.  And things are told in a beautiful way.  But I could’ve done with less description.  I know that’s just me, most people love details to get a good feel for the setting and situation.  But to me, less is more.
  • I was expecting more pulse-pounding suspense.  There is some, just not what I wanted to get out of the book.  It was creepy and at times a little gross, but I never found my heart beating just a little faster from the worry of what would happen next.  I was missing that for sure.

Overall, it was a nice read though.  If you are a fan of going camping or the outdoors, this would make you question what would happen in your next adventure.  However, as much as I still enjoyed some of the book it hasn’t left me running to look for more from the author.




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