“I also wasn’t the hugest fan of the hero, Zane.”
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It’s been a hot minute since I’ve read something from Melissa Foster. I haven’t given up on her at all, but life does get in the way sometimes. This series is one that’s slightly different. Firstly, it’s published with a publisher this time and I could immediately tell the difference in the writing. It doesn’t sound like Foster’s usual writing style. While the core bits are present, I do feel like the flow was different and I think that’s the result of having someone else working on it.

This book has a fake engagement trope in it. I am not a fan of this trope at all. It’s overused and kind of boring for me because I feel like it really undermines the romance and I felt that way with this book too. Everything that is meant to develop the bond between Willow and Zane felt contrived and unbelievable.

I also wasn’t the hugest fan of the hero, Zane. He’s an actor who has had a lot of great success. He’s meant to be a little cocky and for me, that was his downfall. I really didn’t like the part where he used the fact that he took Willow’s virginity all those years ago to coerce her into this fake engagement together. I don’t know. It wasn’t romantic to me at all so the author had to work extra hard to make up for it and make me fall in love with Zane again.




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  1. Thanks for your review Annie,too bad I do love most of her series! Shared on all my socials!!