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“He’s the kind of real hero that can make your insides a little gushy and melty.”
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When I think back on my favorite cowboy stories, I don’t have to think far to think about Vivian Arend.  Her Six Pack Ranch series always hits the top of that list!  So when I saw she was spinning off from that into this new series, I was beyond excited.  Even if I’m a little behind on finishing reading that one.

This series is about the Stone siblings and we are kicking things off with the eldest, Caleb.  He’s had a lot of responsibility on his shoulders from a very early age.  Taking care of the ranch and raising his siblings after his parents died, marrying his then girlfriend after getting her pregnant because knew that’s what he was supposed to do.  But life hasn’t worked out peachy for him and after his wife up and left him with his two daughters, it’s now become more than he can handle alone and it’s time to hire a nanny.

Oh but Caleb is everything delicious you could want in a grumpy cowboy hero.  He’s a simple man with simple desires and that can be both good and bad at times.  Sometimes he sees the obvious, sometimes he’s oblivious to what his next step should be.  I adored him!  He’s the kind of real hero that can make your insides a little gushy and melty.  Especially when you see how he truly cares for his family and that extends to every single member of it.

Tamara is our Six Pack Ranch transplant and she’s looking for the place she belongs.  This was meant to be a temporary stepping stone for her to figure out what that place should be.  Except it turned into the right place for her.  It felt natural to me, the way she integrated with the family and the way she fit in.  I loved seeing her there from the very beginning!

A RANCHER’S HEART gave us that family feel that Ms. Arend is so good at.  It made me care for everyone we got to meet and has left me anxious to read the next one.



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