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“THE HIGHWAYMAN is a bold and rich story, full of emotions and intrigue that is guaranteed to capture your heart.”
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My unexpected read of the month!  I had received this book for review and I have to say the beautiful cover had me REALLY tempted to read it.  But I was putting it off until after it released and a few friends were raving about it.  I went in blind, as I often do, and didn’t even read the blurb.  (I confess I’m a cover whore).  And what a beautiful surprise it was!

I love a sweet historical as much as the next girl but I really enjoy a darker one as well.  And I just haven’t been able to find many of those.  THE HIGHWAYMAN is one of them.  In the midst of the dark plot there’s a sweet story about second chances and broken hearts that you just must read.

The perfect bad boy, tortured hero, Dorian Blackwell, gets a second chance at love with the girl he fell in love with and married when he was still a young boy.  After life has tested him and beaten him down, left a few scars behind and that young girl a widow, he returns as one of the biggest criminals and finds Farah has never stopped loving him.  Even if it’s just the memory of a boy he no longer is.

The intrigue and mystery of this story kept me completely interested throughout the book.  When Dorian has to kidnap Farah to keep her safe sparks immediately start flying.  Dark, dangerous ones as Farah finds herself attracted to a very bad man.  But it is in the understanding that he is tied in some way to her childhood love that they forge a bond in the now and plot for revenge together.  The secret of Dorian’s identity was never a surprise as the author gives enough clues throughout the story.  But the unveiling of what he went through from the moment he is sent to prison was slowly heartbreaking.  To find out why he’s scarred, and why he can’t be touched.  Farah was the only one that could soothe and heal his wounds, and it took a strong heroine like her who has also gone through a lot of heartbreak in her life, to be able to do that.

THE HIGHWAYMAN is a bold and rich story, full of emotions and intrigue that is guaranteed to capture your heart.  The romance is beautiful, the chemistry is off the charts, the plot was well thought out and kept me riveted  from page one.  I highly recommend this to all fans of tortured heroes!

This is my first book by Kerrigan Byrne but it definitely won’t be my last.  I’m anxiously awaiting the next installment in this series as Ms. Byrne continues to let these tortured bad men find redemption and love!spacer



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