“The bonds between friends and family in this series will again draw you in and make you feel like you are part of them.”
~ Under the Covers

I finally pick up this series (don’t know why I kept putting it off!!) and I come to realize that the Hurley boys were introduced in the book LUSH!!!  I really liked the band already from that book and I was very excited once I realized we were going to get the whole bands’ HEA in this series.  This story is about Paddy, a rock star from Sweet Hollow Ranch, and Natalie, sexy librarian.  Me?  Sold!  I always enjoy this trope and Ms. Dane really does it well.

Paddy and Natalie met each other 12 years ago while they were still young and wild.  The boys were still nobody’s and she was working at a seedy bar.  They partied hard for two weeks together, and neither really forgot their time together but they both went on to live their lives.  Paddy became the rock star her is now, and Natalie cleaned up her act, put the wild and party ways behind her and went to college.  She’s since then done everything she can to distance herself from that type of crazy life.  She has a lot of issues and triggers from her past linked to that that push her to be a more centered adult now.

I have a lot of respect for Natalie who had to overcome a lot in her past to be the woman she is today.  She’s strong and independent, and if that left a few emotional scars and some walls up around her, then that’s completely understandable.  What I loved about her character was that when those triggers got pushed she had the presence to know that’s what was happening and fight with her natural reaction to flee.

Paddy is just a sweet and adorable hero.  Yes, the Hurley boys used to party back in the day, but they come from a great sweet family and they’ve also cleaned up their ways.  That’s one of my favorite things about Ms. Dane’s books.  The bonds between friends and family in this series will again draw you in and make you feel like you are part of them.

When Paddy runs into Natalie his feelings from years ago come rushing back and that girl that made enough of an impression for him to write a song about her, has turned into a woman he wants to know more of and needs in his life.  Their romance progresses perfectly.  Yes, Paddy is sweet and insistent, but they reconnect as friends first even if they are “dating”.  Those walls slowly come down enough that I can believe Natalie is letting herself be cared for.

THE BEST KIND OF TROUBLE has the signature Dane feel I love and there’s enough in this book about the rest of the boys to get me excited about reading this series!!



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