“I think this is my least fave of the series.”
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WARNING:  This review is packed full of spoilers.  If you haven’t read THE CHOSEN and don’t want to be spoiled, skip it and come back to this later.  You’ve been warned.  If you’ve read it… we can’t wait to chat with you in the comments about how YOU feel.

What were your thoughts before reading THE CHOSEN?

Francesca: I was beyond excited because … it’s J.R. Ward. I wanted to see Xcor and Layla get their HEA but I was also looking forward to what would happen with the Band of Bastards and who else would be getting a side storyline hoping to see a glimpse of who the next book will be about.

Annie: I wasn’t really sure what my thoughts were because I try not to expect anything when it comes to a J.R. Ward book. She usually impresses me so I don’t worry too much. However, I was looking forward to see how she was going to redeem Xcor and how he and Layla would find happiness in the situation they were in.

Angela: I didn’t like Layla from the last few books, so I really wasn’t excited to read her story. However, like Annie said, Ward usually impresses so I wasn’t worried about it.

Suzanne: You know the Descartes quote ‘I think therefore I am’, well for me in the case of the The Chosen it’s: J.R. Ward is bringing out a book therefore I am so excited that much spontaneous singing and dancing ensues.

What did you think about Xcor and Layla’s romance? Did it live up to your expectations?

Francesca: Honestly, no. Although I found them to be sweet together, it was all a bit anticlimactic. Their romance was already developed before this book and there was nothing new to add to the tension in their relationship in this book. That is other than the fact that Xcor is a traitor and they have to figure out how they will be together in the end. But as a couple, and the whole love thing, that was already sort of set up. I don’t think they carried this book enough as the main romance. Xcor and Layla as characters were interesting and thank God for me liking them because that’s one thing that did keep me enjoying the story.

Annie: Yes and no. I was happy with the ending and am very pleased with how they were able to come together. But these two are definitely not my favorite couple in the series. I feel like so much of Layla’s story was written in other books in the series that she didn’t have the heavy impact I was expecting. I liked how she stood up for Xcor and how she showed a little bit of her backbone. But at the same time, I did feel like she should’ve also taken more responsibility for her children.

I think Xcor’s story was a little stronger. I didn’t expect him to be able to get away or expect the level of torture he endured growing up. I liked reading his backstory and felt that it definitely added another layer to his character. But I still don’t see him as a “hero”. I think out of the whole book only a handful of moments made me fall in love with him.

Angela: I have my reservations about their romance. It had its moments of good and bad I suppose, but overall it was okay. Like I said, I didn’t like Layla to start, but Xcor did manage to win my heart. His story was heartfelt; from his tortured past and his changed present. Yeah, I believed his changed heart.

Suzanne: I think Layla and Xcor’s romance had such a fantastic build up, which was part of the reason I was so excited. I have liked and sympathised with both characters since they were introduced into the series, so seeing them paired together was great news. However, in this particular book all the chemistry and tension that Ward had so expertly put together seemed to fall flat. I was glad that they got together, but rather than being a big expression of passion and emotion as I expected it was all very…nice. And nice is not something I ever expect to see from Ward it’s too flat and pedestrian, rather than an explosion of fireworks, it was like a balloon a few days after a party, slowly deflating and a little sad.

What are your thoughts on Qhuinn and Tohr’s actions in this book?

Francesca: I got a bit ragey and angry (or a lot, realistically). Starting off with Qhuinn because he was totally over the top. I was ok with him acting out a bit when he found out what Layla had been doing, but he took things way too far. Honestly, I found it out of character and just made me want to slap him. There was no need for him to act like a total idiot and I couldn’t grasp why Ward took it there. Tohr, I have two issues. Same as with Qhuinn, he acted way out of character by blowing out of proportion that hate towards Xcor but he was also acting like a total douche to Layla at one point and I just can’t see him treating a female like that. I was very disappointed in both of their behavior and I really don’t think Ward did the right thing with all that unnecessary drama. Now the second thing that pissed me off about Tohr is the whole Wellsie issue. I’m sick and tired of it. If he wasn’t going to be ok moving on with his life then he should’ve maybe stayed unmated and alone. It really bugs me that No One gets put in the second best place EVERY TIME with him. How can she feel like she’s loved when there’s always a shadow that pops up? I’m kind of over seeing that aspect.

Annie: I felt that these two were acting a little OTT, Qhuinn especially. While I can understand and believe that he would be upset with Layla and worry about his kids, there are some things that he does and says that are completely out of character. It almost felt like Ward amplified their reactions to create conflict in the story because Layla and Xcor’s story wouldn’t stand alone enough.

With Tohr, I didn’t expect him to get so upset. We all love Wellsie and miss her dearly, but it does feel like we are going over the same conflicts that were explored in other books already. All progress he made with Autumn seems to be pushed to the side and although I believe that he will always have a place for Wellsie in him, I wished he focused on Autumn more.

Angela: I could not get over how these two were acting. They acted hateful and disrespectful towards Layla and to other women in the house. I understand they both have their reasons but I thought it was still uncalled for. I was in awe of how they disrespected a Chosen and Wrath’s Shellan, Elizabeth. Seriously, from the previous books, they would not dare treat any of the women in that house that way. Tohr also treated his mate like his second choice. Left to the side until he’s done with his issues. I get his issues by the way; I loved Wels and would take her over Autumn any day. Nevertheless, I felt like she was just second choice. The worst part is that Tohr and Quinn were disrespectful to Wrath to the point of deliberately disobeying his orders. Honestly, I did not recognize these brothers. Everything they did was so out of character.

Suzanne: So, this is where all the explosion of passion came in. And it was ridiculous andstupid and idiotic and childish and dumb and lots of other very unflattering things. Tohr’s little meltdown I can live with and didn’t give much thought. But Qhuinn. At first I was a little thunderstruck. Who was this character that Ward had written into her book and when were we getting Qhuinn back? He has an extremely violent and unreasonable reaction to Layla and Xcor’s relationship. One that doesn’t make sense and frankly one that completely disgusted me. He accused Layla of treason and then commits treason himself, truely his actions boggled my mind. And then the end! I don’t want to give spoilers but it left me wondering what the hell was the point?

What did you think about V and Jane?

Francesca: This is probably what pissed me off the most about this book. First of all, just pick another Brother for once. I’m tired of always reading about V and his problems. I want to see more of Phury, Z, Rehv, John Matthew, not to mention that I want to read about Muhrder. But no, we have to keep listening to V’s “poor me” storylines. He got his book. Then he had a big storyline in his sister’s book. I’m done! I’ve had enough V. That being said, the actual problems in this book made me think less of him. He’s complaining that his mate isn’t spending as much time with him (and I’m being nice about how to word this because in private I would be saying something else about his complaints) and instead of communicating with her, or better yet, figuring out with the King how they can get more medical staff to help her out so she doesn’t have the weight of the whole Brotherhood and trainees on her shoulders, he chooses to go mope around with his woe is me routine and then thinks about cheating on his Shellan. This goes against everything I believe the Brothers and matings to stand for. I’m not sure how I even feel about the fact that he may go a bit farther than thinking but not fully cross a cheating line. I may still not be ok with that. And Ward can usually do anything she wants and I can understand it. Cheating (and thinking about cheating in my book is the same) is crossing a line that I may not recover from. Honestly, this made me lose respect and love in this series and I’m honestly not so excited about the next book as I would normally be because I don’t want to see what she’ll do with this issue. If it’s not handled in a way I’m satisfied with, I would drop the series. It’s that big of an issue.

Annie: I really hope V doesn’t get more page time. His storyline is too redundant and I hate to see the same things over and over again. Although I do believe that V and Jane still have their issues that they need to weed through, he’s had so much page time already that I really want someone new to focus on. What happened to Murhder? I would LOVE an update on Phury and Cormia as well. I don’t mind revisiting the original Brothers again, but I wish there was more of an even coverage that doesn’t focus on the same Brothers again and again. I felt like the decision to do this just made several steps backwards in terms of character development. Are we really going to do this all over again?

Angela: OMGsh, V was also annoying me. I did not get why he was so emotional. I couldn’t understand his issues. I’m not sure if he’s bored with his life and he needs extra attention from Jane or he’s just not happy with what he has. I really hope his issue doesn’t go further than it has in this book. It just doesn’t describe what a Brother’s true mating is about. Here’s the thing, the brothers are not just any other males. They are top of the crop in every way. Fierce, sexy, loving, romantic, yes, they may have their eff’d up issues but still they when it comes to their females; they are supposed to be loyal in every way. And all those traits are to be expected to be remain true. But if he screws around…mentally or physically, I don’t think I can forgive that.

Suzanne: V. At this point I am so freaking sick of V and all his bullshit. Qhuinn’s dumb-as-fuck actions I can forgive, but V? V got me so angry in this book! Jane deserves better, I know she isn’t Ward’s most popular character, but frankly I pity her being stuck with someone like V whose emotions swing more than a middle age couple on a swingers retreat. He is supposed to be a bonded male and yet his every action in this book goes against everything Ward has been telling us since Dark Lover. And it made me so angry, if he’s got an issue why doesn’t he just talk to his mate about it? But no, he just decides to sulk and brood in the dark like every vampire stereotype known to man. Frankly I think he needs to change his name to Edward.

What about Trez and Therese?

Francesca: Two words… TOO SOON.

Annie: I like Trez and I like Therese. And I think it’s really cute how they met, but yeah, TOO SOON. I think readers could get behind it much easier if it happened a lot later. At this point, it just felt like Ward killed Selena off just to bring her back. I don’t appreciate being played like that.

Angela: Oh, as much as I would like for it to be true, I do agree with Fran. It is too soon. If Ward didn’t’ do it for Tohr and Wels, then what should this be an exception? I am like Therese though. j/s.

Suzanne: Hmmm, mixed feelings. I’m happy, ‘cos damn I want Trez to be happy and I liked Tres (ha Trez and Tres) but I don’t know. It feels like a cop out. I was devastated after The Shadows, I genuinely felt like I was mourning, the whole storyline really got to me and I thought it was a brave thing to do. Then, seeing his grieve in this book I felt it all over again. Then Tres pops up, and I am happy because YES HEA! I don’t know, I will see how it all unfolds.

Who’s book are you most excited to read next?

Francesca: Honestly, like I said before, I’m not as excited about the next one. I’m interested in reading about Assail but I can’t get so excited about a book for a character that wasn’t even in this book!

Annie: I want a freaking Lassiter book, dammit! How much longer do I have to wait? And is Ward planning on writing about all the Band of Bastards? Does that mean I have to wait even longer for a Lassiter book?

Angela: No one in particular. I do want more of the brothers and this world in general. I want to know what’s going to happen with the Bastards, Lassiter, and when is Lash and Devina coming into the picture? Most of all, what in the world is happening with Throe.

Suzanne: Hmmm, who do I want next? I am interested in Qhuinn’s brother and what’s happening with him. And, as Ward seems to like rehashing original couples, I want to see Phury and Cormia! Of all the ones she has done, they are the ones who needs a book.

What are your final thoughts on THE CHOSEN?

Francesca: I could probably summarize this book in one sentence. What the fuck was that? While THE CHOSEN still has some of the things we come to expect from Ward, this was the worst book in the series. It’s not cohesive, didn’t flow, didn’t hold my interest (it took me 4 days to read it!!!) and honestly it pissed me off. At times I wondered if this was written by the same author because it didn’t have the signature “Ward feel” for me. No spark and no magic. And by the time we get to the end after there’s been crap thrown around all over the place in the story, everything is easily, quickly and neatly tied with a bow like nothing happened and everyone is one big happy family (all living under one roof). Just NO! There shouldn’t have been any Qhuinn/Xcor male bonding (to that extreme) in the end. Layla forgave him WAY too quickly. Why does everyone have to be related? And why does everyone have to live at the BDB Mansion?

Annie: This one wasn’t one of my favorites. There was too much OTT reactions and not enough development for the next book in the series. I wasn’t too keen on the first half of the book but I did enjoy the second half a lot more. Still, it’s not enough to make me give it more than 3 stars.

Angela: I think this is my least fave of the series. I felt like everyone was out of characters and found myself saying, “who are you?” to a couple of the characters. I found myself complaining to book buddies about scenes and characters instead of my usual swooning or texting my excitement. Rated this one at a 3.

Suzanne: Disappointing. Everyone was acting very strangely and very out of character, I almost felt like I was reading the wrong author, this did not read like a J.R. Ward book. She normally has the power to move me, not the power to provoke me into flinging my kindle across the room.




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  1. Okay, so I had to add my own answers to your questions 🙂

    1. What were your thoughts before reading THE CHOSEN?
    As always, with a JR Ward BDB book, I was super excited. This series is my all time favorite. I love her writing, her characters, and really wish these brothers were real. I simply cannot rave enough about this series.

    2. What did you think about Xcor and Layla’s romance? Did it live up to your expectations?
    I have to agree with Fran on this one. There wasn’t any real issues for Laylah and Xcor to solve, other than the fact that their relationship needed to “come out” and they had to admit their feelings to each other. This could have been done as a side story and not an entire book. But I understand and respect that WARD has to write what she sees. As a writer myself, I get that. Did it live up to my expectations? Hmmm….yes and no. But I think that has more to do with the Brothers response to the awareness of their relationship and not Laylah and Xcor themselves.

    3. What are your thoughts on Qhuinn and Tohr’s actions in this book? Oh.Boy. The whole Qhuinn thing upset me. I think he didn’t stick true to his character, at least for me. His anger and saying how Laylah was irresponsible with his kids—then flinging around a shotgun with them in the room????? Hello pot, meet kettle.
    As for Tohr, I also didn’t like how he talked to Laylah in the book-very disrespectful. I was glad to see Laylah slap him. He so needed it. As far as their (Q and T’s) complete turnaround at the end???? Just…no. Too convenient and happy. Very unrealistic for me. Also, I agree with Fran. I understand that Wellsie was Tohr’s first wife and he needs to grieve. But enough and the fact he continues to put Wellsie first before Autumn shows some disrespect. There is a fine line–I get that. But Autumn is a female of worth that deserves to put first.

    4. What did you think about V and Jane? For those that know me, V is my fave of the Brothers. I absolutely love his tortured soul. He has been through so much hell and to have finally found happiness with Jane is awesome. To thrust V back into a place where he is so conflicted and soooo unhappy makes me sad. Reading his scenes were very painful. Yes, I think it was realistically done–the fact V would feel isolated and neglected while Jane was so busy with her patients. It makes sense. But I think the cheating thing (although it was the thought of him considering it and NOT the actual act) was one step too far. A bonded male just wouldn’t do that. I am very curious and VERY anxious to see where Ward takes this. I know she said it was gonna get ugly before things were resolved. Knowing that has me very, VERY worried.

    5. What about Trez and Therese? My first thought was, “NOOOOOO”….followed by, “It’s too soon.” The Shadows broke my heart. Trez broke my heart. I can admit that I like it when a writer makes things REAL for their characters. Not everything in life is happy. Death happens. Shit happens. But poor Trexz. To lose his mate and then months later –BOOM–see someone who looks exactly like Selena is like sticking a hot cattle prod inside a gaping wound. WHY????? And where is the balance? Ward talks about balance and I don’t see it with bringing Selena back as Therese…I heard that Lassiter had to sacrifice something…so maybe that will provide the balance. But what about Wellsie? About Jane? It seems a bit unfair at this point.

    6. Who’s book are you most excited to read next? I have to be perfectly honest. I will read whatever comes next. Just so I can read V and see a resolution. Assail and Sol are next and while I love Assail’s character, I am not that sure how I feel about Sol. It’s been a long time since she has been in the picture. But the character I want to see most have his own book is LASSITER. I think he is my second fave character. His over-the-top nature and humor warm all my soft spots and I adore him so much.

    7. What are your final thoughts on THE CHOSEN?
    There has been sooooo much negative comments and feelings with this book and I totally get it. WARD was hard on her characters. The Brothers were acting out. The V thing still has me reeling. But the point is, WARD has written a book that has created (stirred) up huge feels. And that, in my opinion, is the role of the author. TO MAKE YOU FEEL. Yes, I was unhappy about where she took certain characters. But they are hers to play with and she writes what she sees. At this point, I plan on continuing. I can’t stop. It’s an addiction. It is my happy place. And unless she kills off V, I will be downloading/buying the books and reading them as fast as I can.

    1. Hi Trish!

      I agree with (most) of what you say. You are way more forgiving of V than I have been lol, I see red whenever I think of what an a-hole he was being.

      Your final thoughts had me contemplating though. I normally love Ward’s books for the same reason, they make you feel stuff that stays with you well after the last page. Which, was part of the reason I loved THE SHADOWS as much as it broke my heart. But, although this book did make me feel, the main emotions were bafflement and anger. Everything was just so off-kilter! I like it when Ward throws a curve ball, but this just felt more like a punch in the face, I honestly didn’t get why they were all acting so weirdly. I also think she made the mistake of telling us without showing. She told us V was feeling isolated (sulky teenage boy) but never really showed us that.

      Although, Wrath. Wrath was awesome.


  2. The Chosen was a mess and is by far my least favorite book in the series. You touched on many of the reasons why. Qhuinn and Tohr acted completely out of character, the romance between Xcor and Layla was lackluster, the sex scenes were boring and not BDB caliber, the Therese stuff pissed me off, and the ending was ridiculous. This book didn’t feel the same as the others in the series and had me wondering what the frak many, many times. Here’s hoping The Thief is better. At least we know from prior books that Assail is a total freak and that he and Sola have chemistry.

    1. It’s definitely our least favourite book in the series (for me it used to e Tohr’s book), what bothered me the most was V. And I almost felt like she threw in the over the top reaction from Qhuinn to make-up for the lack lustre (you nailed it with that description!) romance between Layla and Xcor.


  3. I still cannot talk about this book it royally pissed me off. I expected to be pissed at Qhuinn but this book either went too far or not far enough. I am fine with Wrath and how that played out but I was expecting a bit more angst. I think too much was put into V and Qhuinn and Tohr and not enough into Xcor and Layla. I wanted them to have their HEA and am glad they finally got it but this book makes me seriously question if I will read anymore including the Legacy series.

  4. Yes, it was a cross between tepid for Xcor and Layla- though yay, I’m so glad this guy gets his chance at happy- or over the top with the rest of them. I think if one of the guys (Qhinn, Tohr, or V) were struggling that would have startled me, but to have all three go off the rails it was like there was something in the water at the mansion. And the Trez thing just was also off because it was way soon. I’d like to have seen more moments with I Am and his queen or Qhinn’s brother or Saxon and then new one he found in the last book or even Assail… so many possibilities. But yes, this was a weird in between book that left me scratching my head a lot.

  5. Thank God I didn’t spend any money on this book. I got it from the library and after Chapter 5- I skimmed. I thought after The King and the Beast that the writing was back on track but now we are back to plugging in drama to enlarge the book. Maybe there is an endgame but I’m frustrated with the series- Again.

  6. I’ve been reading many disappointing reviews for this, especially in reference to certain characters. However, ward hasn’t been a go to author for me after the recent books which is really sad since I’ve been reading this series since it came out

  7. Frankly I think he needs to change his name to Edward. This is my favorite like from the whole review. Get over yourself V.

  8. Great review. I stoped reading the series after book 11. Just to much unresolved storylines, to many plot changes, and like you guys say the characters were not acting like they once did when the series started. I loved the earlier editions in the series, but started to have issues with to many things. So I stoped.

  9. Thanks for this. Ward lost me near the beginning of the series (book #5 and the whole ghost thing) and I haven’t gone back. Just cannot bring myself to and reading this has just confirmed it again. There is too much else to read out there to be going through this series just to end up with another disappointment.

  10. To be honest, I loved The Chosen simply because it gave me closure with Layla & Xcor. I think it’s important to point out that Ward stayed consistent at least with the HEA and their characters. I love their old-country love and these two really compliment one another. Here comes the kick off…compared to SOME of these other morons, I can actually feel the depth of their love and that well runs endless. I appreciate that Ward stayed on point with them.

    AHEM. NOW….On to what pissed me and so many other readers off.

    Tohr. What the FUCK was the whole point of your boring ass book if you’re just going to continue to mope and cry and still feel so strongly over your dead wife and babe? I don’t mean to come off rude or emotionless. Yes, I can understand if he felt a little sad. But he was SO ANGRY. Like SO EMOTIONAL about all this. Call me selfish, but I CANNOT be with a man who always put me in second place, especially not when I’m putting your ass in first place. That is NOT how a relationship works. If I lost the love of my life and was lucky enough to find a true second love, I’d be CHERISHING the hell out of every moment, not to mention I’d be hopping on that eggplant every CHANCE. Not a moment wasted. NADA. The fact that Ward even put in a line like “that’s a part of who you are and I love every part of you”. NO AUTUMN. Shut up. That’s stupid. You honestly are telling me you’re okay with being 2nd place? Lies. A real independent woman wouldn’t tolerate having to compete with a dead wife, as terrible as that sounds. Tohr is just not over Wellsie. Which makes me upset because it means Ward didn’t do him any justice by paring him with a female that didn’t compliment him in any way nor will she ever match up to Wellsie. It’s a damn shame and honestly, their whole romance was such a waste of time. Ward really rushed the shit out of their book but besides that it felt so FORCED. And when it came to Tohr’s attitude towards Layla, like DAMN SON. She didn’t do shit to your asshole. There’s not enough of an excuse to even have come at her the way he did and I really have no respect for his ass anymore after The Chosen. If Tohr were to die in the next book, GOOD FUCKING RIDDANCE. He’s wasting my time and adds nothing to the story line. Even Xcor being his brother was completely overshadowed by his pigsty of an attitude. So much for being the “levelheaded” one of the crew.

    Qhuinn….I can forgive him to an extent. Some people have said that the way he reacted was WAY over the top. I agree with that, BUT at the same time I agree with Qhuinn. I’m not a parent, but I can only imagine that if I were one, when it comes to my kids? All bets are off the table and not even my husband will come between me and my kids. So in respect of that, I can forgive Qhuinn for being totally irrational because he was really going off his emotions and protective instinct for his babies. NOW. What I can’t forgive? The way he was treating his daughter Lyric. This contradicting fool treated his weeks-old daughter the same way his family treated him for being different, except it was because he resented that she would one day look like Layla. He’s really fucked up for that and I expected better from someone who should’ve been HUMBLED by the experience he went through all his life. Instead, he turns around and does the exact same thing his family did to him. I give Blay SO MUCH LOVE for calling his ass out and not giving in. This really goes to show that it can really benefit being the one outside-looking-in because he’s not so irrational in his thought process. Not saying he’s not emotionally attached to the twins as Layla & Qhuinn are, but my respect for Blay was taken to a whole other level I didn’t know existed.

    And now V.
    I never thought I would EVER feel the way I do about V until this book. Not even in Payne’s book did I feel this way. I had sympathy for him. I had love for him. After this book, the only thing that ran through my mind was: “What a little bitch ass”. God, I HATED that I thought like this. But then I hated it more because I realized I wasn’t wrong in the way I felt! When i read that he thought about cheating on his female? Yo……..I had to set that damn book down. Give it a minute. And then come back and make sure I was seeing all that correctly. WTF. And then the part when his phone started ringing because his submissive was calling him for their date?? The part when he literally picked up Jane’s hand and MOVED it away from him? LIKE WTF. You might as well have picked up the phone if that’s how you felt you damn bastardo! I felt like I was reading a totally different character. This is not the male that had professed his love for the human female in his book. This is not the male that had to break down in his sister’s book and put himself back together and coming back STRONGER for Jane and once again profess his love for her all over again. You guys remember that? He felt like a POS for not having gotten Jane’s name carved into his back! And he was talking about how he was going to do right by her and yada yada yada. And then this book comes out and it was a complete 180 from what he’d recently professed. How can you call yourself a male after JUST saying how great and wonderful your female is. How she’s so smart and NO ONE can ever measure up to her. How you love her because of her brain and not her beauty. YET YOU TOTALLY CONTRADICT YOURSELF BY WANTING TO CHEAT ON HER? Hell, the mere thought of wanting to find empty comfort is practically cheating! I can’t even blame Jane for this. She’s not the mind reader in this relationship (no pun intended). She’s not going to think anything is wrong if you don’t talk to her. If you continue to mask shit up on your face. No real or honest relationship is like that! And if there is, then it’s honestly weak as fuck! I’d LEAVE. Because everything you JUST professed turned out to be a lie. What happened to the love? The loyalty? The respect? What the MIGHTY fuck. How can V claim all these things he has for Jane yet not have enough of it to talk to her about how he feels? ESPECIALLY after Payne’s book?? To me, that’s just NOT an excuse and Jane deserves so much more from him and if it takes her needing to leave his ass to let him get his head on straight SHE NEEDS TO LEAVE.

    Okay. Rant is done. Good review guys 🙂

    1. I love this comment!
      I completely agree on the Tohr thing. I think maybe a couple of these females need to leave their men. Specially Autumn and Jane. Just leave the bastards and see if they can’t shape up alone first.
      On the V thing, maybe that would be the one way I could be ok with this. If Jane leaves and he has to muddle through his issues (mind you not actually cheating). Maybe if done in a very delicate way I could get past that. But honestly after that I don’t want to read about V anymore! He did completely contradict everything he’s been saying he feels.
      I also agree on the respect for Blay. OMG he was one of my highlights of this book because I kept cheering for him. For standing strong, for calling Qhuinn out, for being an all around quiet badass.
      I did miss the build up for the next one so I hope BLOOD FURY will be able to give us some of that before THE THIEF comes out.

  11. I know it is months after the last post but I could not resist adding my comment for this book because unlike most people here I loved the book. It was actually one of my favourite books in the series. I did not care much about The Shadows, I read it because I had to to get to The Chosen. I also felt the same way about Phury and Cormia. And I agree that Wrath is the best, Dark Lover is still one of the best books in the series and I love the Legacy books. I also love Rhage and Mary and all of their stories. They are definitely one of my favourite couples.
    I will also use your original questions to express my feelings towards this book.

    What were your thoughts before reading THE CHOSEN?
    I was dying to read this book since the famous scene in the car several books ago. For some reason I always liked Xcore and the idea that he might end up with the chosen, and my favourite chosen of all, was just a special treat.

    What did you think about Xcor and Layla’s romance? Did it live up to your expectations?
    That part of the book fulfilled all of my expectations. Yes, I understand that there was no buildup because it was already done in the previous books, but the anticipation of the two of them finally being together… Oh my
    The way Xcor treats Layla and the way he speaks to her… I forgot to breathe. And the way she loves him and stands up for him is amazing. I don’t think she was the traitor and i don’t think he was the traitor. Glymera are the traitors and what happened between Brothers and Bastards is just a misunderstanding of epic proportions. After all, didn’t all the problems start by involvement of Glymera and their attempts to remove Wrath? Once they all thought about it and talked it through, they realised they were on the same side. And Layla didn’t do anything wrong. At first she thought she was helping a Brother and then emotions got involved. Who hasn’t made stupid decisions when in love? Most importantly, it was mutual and if anything, Layla used Xcor’s affection for her to prevent attacks on the Brothers. She was the catalyst for peace on that front. So yes, I loved their romance and their intimacy. It was poetic.

    What are your thoughts on Qhuinn and Tohr’s actions in this book?
    I thought the reactions were expected and in sync with their characters. I thought that Thor was quite boring from the beginning, never really cared about him, he always seemed off and slightly unstable, so I was not surprised by his actions. He should have apologised like mad though. The way he spoke to Layla was inappropriate, disrespectful, mean and uncalled for, especially after everything Layla had done for the Brotherhood prior to the Xcor relationship.
    Qhuinn was his usual temperamental hypocrite. First he loves to death, then he hates without reason, has fits of anger… Yeah standard Qhuinn. I mean accusing Layla of being a traitor and endangering children, while he is waving a gun in a houseful of children and pointing it in the vicinity of one of his children. And disobeying a direct order of his King who he blood swore to respect and protect? He could have hurt someone with the gun in the house. And the way he treats Blay is just ridiculous. He loves him when it’s a good day and ignores him when he’s pissed off for some reason. Let’s not forget his name throwing and disrespecting Layla, while he was a major manwhore throughout most of the series, sleeping with everything male and female that moves. He is absolutely disgusting character and I hope that Blay leaves him some day for someone better.
    What I don’t understand is how easy Wrath went with Qhuinn, no real punishment. At least he kicked Thor out of Brotherhood for a bit.

    What did you think about V and Jane?
    Vishous is a drama queen, attention seeker and spoiled brat, however, a very sexy and interesting and special one. Okay, I admit it, I love Vishous, I loved his book, I loved him in Payne’s book, and I love his relationship with Butch. I wish there was more of that interaction. And I would not mind reading more and seeing what happens. I hope they work it out.

    What about Trez and Therese?
    Meh… The Shadows was one of my least favourite books so I didn’t care much what happens there. I didn’t even remember there were parts relating to them in the book. But I do get where it is going. I think JR is a romantic and she cannot stand not having a happy romantic ending. The Shadows was exceptionally sad. I bet you that Therese is some version of Selena.

    Who’s book are you most excited to read next?
    Ever since the first encounter of Assail and Sola, and her heartbreaking departure, several books ago. I was dying to read about them as well. So I am very excited about the next book. Very very very excited.
    I also want to know what is happening with Throe. And the rest, like someone said, JR Ward always impresses me and whatever she writes about BDB, I will read.
    Oh Yes, I love Lassiter, fantastic character.

    What are your final thoughts on THE CHOSEN?
    I loved the book, and without a doubt, it was probably my favourite one of the whole series. That said, I did re-read it by skipping all the extra parts and only reading Layla and Xcor and that was amazing. It was all I hoped and more.
    Okay, I admit one thing that annoyed me, and in this I agree with probably everyone, Qhuinn and Xcor bonding in the end was just unrealistic. Or was it? Didn’t he just pull the same thing like mating with Blay in the very end of the book, when three pages ago he had no idea what to do? In any case, I did not like it.
    The increase in numbers, on the other hand, I liked a lot. I mean Brothers just got five! new super trained fighters. I know something big is brewing and they will need all the help they can get.