“The story truly has potential and I appreciated the creativity of this world
~ Under the Covers

Bone Witch is a story of a young lady’s discovery of her powers in necromancy among other things. It tells her journey of her beginning and her training into becoming part of the royal witch if you will. And most of all, it tells the heroine’s relationship with her brother, her teacher, and how she became her present self.

The story truly has potential and I appreciated the creativity of this world. It has all the makings of witches and warlocks, royal court politics, battling monsters, and a smidge of romance. Tea’s journey has a bit of similarity to The Memoirs of Geisha which earned a bit of respect from me as the heroine handled quite a bit.

If you’ve seen the ratings and reviews, you’ll know that people either love it or hated it. I, on the other hand, am split right in the middle. There were slow spots throughout the story, and there was a bit of an info dump about the heroine’s past. I would’ve like to know more of the heroine’s present, the other kingdoms, and the brewing war. Perhaps more action and suspense. I assume Ms. Chupeco has more for us in the next installment. I’m also intrigued by Fox’s POV and the possibility of his own story excites me. I hope Ms. Chupeco has that in the works already.


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  1. I love this cover. This sounds pretty good but I think I’ll wait for the review for book 2.

  2. Great review angela!! On my tbr gr list!! I love this cover too !! Shared on all my socials!!