“… as usual Dixon got me falling in love with another one of her alien men …”
~ Under the Covers

Ruby Dixon is taking us back in time for her eighteenth instalment in Barbarian’s Beloved right back to the very beginning and tells us Ariana and Zolaya’s story. I admit, that at first I wasn’t that excited, all I really remembered about Ariana was that she cried all the time and I knew nothing about Zolaya. I’m glad I read it anyways, because as usual Dixon got me falling in love with another one of her alien men and changed me perspective on Ariana.

Ariana has an anxiety disorder, which is why she can’t seem to stop crying, her usual way of controlling it, with her meds and routine are shot to pieces after being kidnapped and abandoned on an ice planet. But, it isn’t another one of the human women who try and befriend and help her, it’s Zolaya one of the big scary blue aliens. Only, he isn’t that scary and despite resonating he doesn’t push her for more than friendship.

Barbarian’s Beloved takes past mostly in the past, but in the form of Ariana telling the story of how she and Zolaya met to her son, so it switches time zones so we get a glimpses of the present as well. I loved their story, it was adorable Dixon excels at writing hot blue aliens who are perfect for their human females. Zolaya was just the right amount of patient understanding and hot-for-Ariana creating a sweet romance. As per usual.

Ariana’s mental illness was also interesting aspect for Dixon to tackle. As someone who has a more than passing acquaintance with anxiety I really felt for Ariana. She was isolated and afraid, away for her usual coping mechanisms and Zolaya offered her what she needed. Did he cure her with his amazing blue penis? Of course not and I liked that Dixon showed that anxiety wasn’t some trivial thing that can be “cured” with good sex. But his honest concern and non-judgement sure did make it easier for her.

I think we are going to be getting more books showing the love stories of some of the original women who have mainly been in the background. I can’t wait! This series, even after eighteen books, continues to be on of my favourites.



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