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“I especially like the way Aiken utilizes multiple POVs to narrate her story. ”
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G.A. Aiken, one of my favorite authors of Fantasy Romance, has a brand new series out! I’m so excited about this because I love her humor and worldbuilding style and I was curious to see what this new series is about.

Since I know many of you will ask, I think it’s very different in style and tone to her Dragon Kin series. I would say that this book kind of falls in line with her more recent Laurenton books which tend to be more violent. I’ve kind of grown used to this because all the characters here have that tendency to them.

The biggest surprise for me about this book was that it wasn’t as humorous or sarcastic as Aiken’s books have been in the past. Since this is one of the things that I expect in a Aiken book, I was a tiny bit disappointed. However, I still found this book to be very enjoyable overall. I especially like the way Aiken utilizes multiple POVs to narrate her story. But the catch is, she uses secondary characters to share their experiences. These are characters who might not be considered important to some, but if offers something really different to her writing and paints her characters in a more menacing light.

I am definitely looking for to the next installment of the series and if you haven’t already read any of Aiken’s books, I would highly suggest reading her Dragon Kin series. It’s amazing and full of fun twists and turns.


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