Talk Me Down by Victoria Dahl is the first in the series and is refreshingly light hearted and fun while still being sexy.  I can’t say Molly was my favorite heroine in this series but Ben was HOT and they’ve set up this amazing series perfectly. This is the good boy cop of the bunch.

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Talk Me Down by Victoria Dahl

Talk Me Down by Victoria Dahl

Tumble Creek #1
December 25, 2008

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  • Cop hero
  • Erotic romance author heroine
  • Small town in Colorado

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So I have to admit that I’ve had this book (the whole series actually) for about a year and a half and for some reason I always forgot to start them. This was my first book by this author and I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was written very well, with humor, good characters, a decent storyline, and good chemistry between the hero and heroine.Molly is a fun girl to read about, even though at times she made me want to pull my hair out and/or roll my eyes. She stumbled into the career of erotica writer but has kept it hidden from everyone in her life. The main reason being that the first book she wrote was about her fantasy night with her brother best friend from high school, Ben, who is a couple of years older than her, and she never really “meant” to be published. This turned out to be her best-seller. And since she didn’t really change a lot of details, everyone would know who she was writing about.

After high school she had moved away from her small town and to the big city, Detroit, where she had dated most recently a hostage negotiator who ended up being a bit lunatic and a stalker. Moving back home and thinking to leave her big city life, and stalker, behind, after 10 years she comes back face to face with Ben, and all her fantasies rush back. Except now she doesn’t see why she can’t act on them. They’re both adults. Even if it’s not going to last forever.

Ben is now the chief of police, and as it turns out, he always had the hots for his best friends’ younger sister, and she was off limits then.

Things evolve quickly between the two as the sparks that were already there 10 years ago start surfacing, and Ben’s protective instincts kick in when Molly picks up a stalker and she won’t open up and be honest with him so he can protect her.

There’s a lot of humor and sexiness in this book even if the story may have some holes. But it was definitely a fun and light read and I can’t wait to read more of this series.

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