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Archangel's Consrt by Nalini Singh


Archangel’s Consort by Nalini Singh

Guild Hunter #3
January 25, 2011

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  • Sexy angels and demons
  • Band of warriors
  • Lyrical writing

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1. They are seven of the hottest vamps and angels out there! Singh answered my call to heaven for a book about angels and vampires. Sexy angels + Sexy vampires = enflamed panties. Genius!

2. They like to trash talk like this:
“Sure you can handle me, pretty, pretty Bluebell?”
“Did I ever tell you about my snakeskin boots?”
“I do think I need some new feathers for my pillow.”

3. They dress like GQ models in black-on-black suits. Venom, you smexy beast!

4. Even better, Illium – the blue-winged angel is shirtless. Need I say more? *waggles eyebrows*

5. Dmitri’s got a scent so sexually potent and alluring that even a woman in love like Elena falls prey to his lures. It’s like BREATHING SEX. I cannot wait for his book! (Archangel’s Blade, September 2011).

6. They are as lethal as they are graceful. Singh writes vivid and gory action scenes that juxtapose well against the beauty of the hunters, angels and vamps .

7. And lastly, Dmitri, Illium, Aodhan, Venom, Galen, Naasir, and Jason would give their life for their Sire, Raphael and in turn, for his consort as well. Their loyalty is a sign of friendship of the deepest level. I love it when characters have strong bonds with others outside of their relationships.

I ADORED THIS BOOK!! I wish I could live in this world soo badly! I’ve said this countless times, but Singh’s worldbuilding is so spectacular! How does she come up with this?Elena is my favourite UF heroine ever! My favourite scene is where she falls through the ceiling and sets her flamethrower on those vamps! BAD.ASS. And even though she may not be in 100% hunter shape, she’s still got her hunter-born senses and can definitely spar with Venom, Galen or even Raphael any day. She also has vulnerabilities that make her such an appealing heroine that I can’t help but adore.

Familiar faces show up and I loved reading about Sara, Deacon (aka gorgeous manflesh), Zoe and Ransom! Even Ash shows up briefly! I adore them just as much as the Seven. Well, maybe not as much.

But probably the most mind-blowing thing about this book is Singh’s writing. Each line is quotable on its own and written with such heart. My favourite parts are when she describes her characters.

This is a particularly good one:

His heart stopped beating as he watched her come toward him, an archangel of such piercing beauty that she spawned legends and caused empires to fall. Her hair was a waterfall of ebony down her back, thick and wild with silken curls his father had loved to fist in his hands as he kissed her, her eyes a piercing hue that he saw in the mirror every single day of his life.
Caliane had given him her eyes, her power…perhaps her madness.

Bottom line? Guild Hunter is one of my top three favourite series of all-time. LOVED IT!

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