ROMANCEOPOLY Review: Stoned by Layla Frost

ROMANCEOPOLY Review: Stoned by Layla Frost
Book Info

Released: February 12th 2019
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: The Four #2

“I found myself losing interest in the book and the romance very quickly.”
~ Under the Covers

This is the second book in The Four series by Layla Frost about the four horseman of the apocalypse. However, it isn’t quite the tale we are all familiar with. The horseman aren’t there to start the apocalypse, instead they keep a balance between heaven and hell and try and prevent any pesky world ending events. Slight problem. Until recently both heaven and hell had misplaced the horsemen and their souls after they confronted an evil cult who managed to get the jump on them.

In the first book we find Nate aka Thanatos aka Death. In the this book, we meet Juno aka War aka witch extraordinaire and stoner. And Juno is having a bad day, her comic book shop been the subject of a robbery where all of her stock was destroyed. You think it would start to look up when she realises the detective investigating her case happens to be her soul mate. Only, he seems to have taken and instant and intense dislike to Juno.

I loved the idea of this series and I am always a fan of a really strong heroine. All this made me eager to pick this up to fulfil my romanceopoly challenge for Magic Row – read a paranormal romance where the hero or heroine wields magic. Unfortunately, this book didn’t really work out very well for me. I found myself losing interest in the book and the romance very quickly.

There wasn’t enough of the main story regarding Nate and Juno finding their brothers, the other two horsemen, and fighting off the cult trying to start the end of the world. Instead, we spent a lot of time in Juno’s head listening to her thought with nothing actually happening. And that was fine, she’s a funny gal. At first. But as the book went on I found Juno less funny and more irritating.

I am not sure if I will continue with this series, although I do like the story, I don’t seem to be clicking with any of the characters. Nor do I feel that invested in the romances. Instead I was fighting to keep myself focussed and interested in the book. When a book or series feels like a slog, that’s probably the time to stop reading.


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