“…two really good people falling in love; sometimes you just want to see the nice guy get the girl.”
~ Under the Covers

Micheala Olsson is head over heels for James Khan. There are just a few problems with this: He’s engaged to another woman. He’s her boss. And he’s almost 10 years older than her. Micheala is content to just be his friend, he has enough stress in his life being one of the stars of a popular reality TV show about parkour. When he asks her to move into a house he in renovating for his fiancee to help with the project, she’s eager to help, but wary of getting closer to her unattainable crush. However, when bad news hits James, he starts to see his life and the people in his life more clearly and he ends his engagement. Could this be the chance they need?

Whenever I see a hero or heroine is already in a relationship at the start of a book it immediately raises alarm bells in my mind. I don’t want to see cheating, even if I don’t like the person a character is cheating on. So, when I read the blurb I admit, I was wary of starting this book, but L.H. Cosway is an author I love and trust so I picked this up. I should never have doubted her! I can assure everyone, there’s no cheating in this book. James doesn’t see Micheala as more than friend until a time after he’s broke up from his fiance. So, if like me, you read the blurb and thinking of skipping, don’t!

This book hits on several popular tropes, friends to lovers, slow burn, age difference, unrequited love and workplace romance. Yet, Cosway combined these in a seamless and engaging way. This was such an easy book to blaze through as you watch Micheala and James fall in love. It was sweet, spiced up with some delicious sex scenes but, when it came to it, was just two really good people falling in love; sometimes you just want to see the nice guy get the girl.

This book also touches a bit on male mental health as we see that James suffers from anxiety and is currently going through a very difficult time. I thought Cosway dealt with this with great sensitivity and without dwelling on the subject, keeping the tone of the book thoughtful, but fairly light.

A really nice addition to this series, it perhaps isn’t as memorable as some of her other work; however, sometimes you want a light romance that’s both smartly written and easy to read.spacer

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