” [The]second chance was a good story plot”
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Seems like forever since I last read from this series but when I looked, the last full length was released just May of this year. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t very excited for this release. I wasn’t sure I wanted to read this book because there has been several novellas released which I did not have the pleasure of reading. I’ve heard it was essential to read them but really, I didn’t feel like I missed anything. But then again, I didn’t enjoy this book as much as I wanted to.

The pace was a bit slow for me and it didn’t pick up pass half way through the story. The beginning showed Bel and Graydon’s back story of their budding romance but it was a forbidden one. Present circumstances giving them a second chance was a good story plot.  Gray was sexy of course there was some good action in the end. However, I could not get into their romance, and honestly, I’ve started to lose interest in this series about two installments back. Yes, I’ve ended up liking the books but only because of Ms. Harrison’s talent for a strong finish. I think the romance and quality of her recent books are just not as strong compared to the beginning of this series. I can chuck it to the novellas I’ve missed but IMO, that should not be the case.

I did however enjoyed the update on the first family. Dragos, Pia and their son are always fun to read about. Peanut is not so little anymore and I predict there will be more novellas about them. Got to write what the fans crave right?

As a whole, Shadow’s end was okay. Will I continue to read this series? Maybe, maybe not. I’ll have to see. But if and when Ms. Harrison has a new series, I would still totally check it out.




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  1. Thanks for the review. I have been looking forward to reading Graydon’s story. I have yet to read the two novellas before this as well. Overall I have liked this series, some books more than others.