“…this was a fun and sexy read ..”
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Nala has lost everything, her ship, her crew, her father. And now she is tied to her bed waiting to lose her life as well. Until the cyborgs came and rescued her. Of course “rescue” may be the wrong word, capture may be more accurate. She’s stuck with Stag, he’s surly, uncommunicative and completely distrustful of everything she says and does. He’s also the sexiest man she’s ever seen, and beneath his hard and gruff exterior she senses their might be more.

Laurann Dohner is treating us at the moment we have had two new books in the Cyborg Seduction series this year and these fabulous new covers. I love the concept of this series, of cyborgs having escaped their cruel Earth Government masters and are now surviving on their own on a new planet. At the moment their nemesis is another type of synthetic human, the ruthless Markus models, androids that function as a hive mind and are using the destruction of the cyborgs to further their own agenda.

Which, is how Nala and Stag meet, Stag saves Nala…but only because she manages to piss him off enough that he wants to keep her as his own live-in maid. To teach her a lesson about how to treat a cyborg. I loved the contentious relationship between Nala and Stag, the fighting between them just serves to build the sexual tension between them and allow them to break down each others walls. This leads to some great sex scenes between them.

This book was vastly different to the Loving Deviant which was a sweet romance, the relationship between Stag and Nala is much more fiery and I really enjoyed the slight change of pace from the previous book. As always, this was a fun and sexy read and I can’t wait for Dohner to write more in this series, fingers crossed for another two books coming out next year!



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