“There’s nothing to her that makes me fall in love with her or root for her. ”
~ Under the Covers

After reading the first book in the series and being a little meh about it, I decided to try the second book in audio just to see if it made a difference. GLASS SWORD picks up immediately where RED QUEEN ends. It begins right in the middle of the action and it actually doesn’t really seem to stop, which I think is a good thing.

However, even after finishing this book, I still don’t find myself connected with the characters. Not sure what it is about Mare but although she does have a good head on her shoulders most of the time, she seems almost too perfect. With her abilities, she is seen as this great big thing and unfortunately, I just don’t see her as a heroine. Even after everything, I feel like I don’t know her. There’s nothing to her that makes me fall in love with her or root for her. So that for me is the biggest downfall for this series.

Since I listened to the audio for this one I want to talk briefly about the narration. I haven’t tried any other book from this narrator and I’m not sure if I will again. I just felt like she was talking fast, almost to the point where she hardly took a breath. It felt like she was rushing to get the words out so she could get off the stage and go home. I know this is a fast-paced book anyway but I didn’t even have to increase the speed like I normally do to feel like things were moving too quickly. I think that played a part in making me feel like this story went by too fast.

Because of everything above, I’ve come to the conclusion that maybe this series isn’t for me. While I do think the writing is better than the first book, I don’t particularly see it as something earthshattering so I probably won’t continue this series.




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  1. Oh bummer. Hearing mixed things about this one, but I still really liked book 1 so I will eventually read this one! Though I heard it had a killer cliffhanger, so I’ve been dragging my feet about it reading it so soon! LOL!