“Did it make me miss The Michaelson’s? You damn right it did. (I love you Cade *wink*) But unfortunately, my connection with Mase and Leilani as a whole fell short.”
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Mase Price isn’t one to conform to society’s standards. He is happy where he is, enjoying life and searching for happiness in simplicity. But it takes one fiery island gal to make him think twice about his easy going life. Leilani interests him more than anyone ever has and he ends up going to the extremes to prove himself to her, even if that means sacrificing everything.

Leilani Kealoha can’t figure out how she found herself in such a dilemma, one minute she’s doing her brother a favor by finding the infamous surfer, Mase Price to compete on his custom made boards, and the next she’s fighting an inner battle to run as fast as she can from the blonde surfer boy that totally gets her. It’s not like Leilani to bond so quickly, especially with an outsider. Leilani has a difficult decision to make; stay true to her culture and her family or follow her heart.

When the book starts you get a very vague sense of who these two are and that made it difficult for me as a reader to understand the relationship between Leilani and Mase. Instead of feeling instant connection or even a slow melting desire, I got a hot headed, hormonal heroine that got mad all the time which made it hard for me to like her.

Mase and Leilani do have a few things in common though, one is surfing. They can run away for hours and get lost in the oceans wonders and in each other. They also have deep scars, one in particular is losing someone they both loved. And finally they both share the same values and that is to be one with yourself and the earth. To live in peace and good vibes only and that can only be achieved by living through love not conformity.

Unbreakable starts off with witty banter, the promise of a hot connection but gave me a lot of repetitive and confusing feelings which made the relationship fall flat. It is however a somewhat sad story as it has to do with forbidden love and what they go through as an interracial couple.

So, did this book make me want to go into debt and move to Hawai’i? Absolutley. Because no matter how I felt about the heroine, I absolutely felt like I was in Hawai’i enjoying the island life with the way everything was so beautifully described. Did it make me miss The Michaelson’s? You damn right it did. (I love you Cade *wink*) But unfortunately, my connection with Mase and Leilani as a whole fell short.




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