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“ROCKY RETREAT was hot and sweet.” ~ Under the Covers

Ahhhh, I’m back in the six Pack Ranch world.  I have no idea how I missed this release, but I have now rectified this error by picking up the audiobook.  And it’s actually the first time I listened to the series and I have to say, I like!  The narrator does a great job!

So ROCKY RETREAT is a short story about Lee Coleman and him finally getting the woman he’s been in love with for eight months.  Lee is much younger than Rachel (9 years!) and she’s been burned by her ex before (who cheated on her) so he has his work cut out for him if he want more than a sexual thrill.

First of all…. You go Rachel!  LOL  Lee knows exactly what he wants and that is her.  He’s not interested in the young chicks running around him, he only has eyes for her.  But she’s never paid much attention to him until they are stuck together at a cabin while they both take refuge from a winter storm.  Snowed in for a bit, the sexual chemistry between them explodes right away.  But when Rachel wants to leave things as just that, Lee pushes for more.

Can I just say hot?  ROCKY RETREAT was hot and sweet.  It was sweet to see Lee break down the walls Rachel had put up in her mind while trying to protect herself from sure heartbreak.  But also it’s beautiful to see how he loves every part of her and wants to show her just how beautiful she is.  It also helps that Lee is very mature for his age, so in my mind his age was just a number.

I think this story could’ve been stretched to a full length story so we would’ve gotten to read more about the things that were left unsaid and implied.  One of my favorite things about these Coleman men is how strong and determined they are in the pursuit of the woman they set their sights on.  And I wanted more of those moments in this book.  But definitely enjoyed every bit of what we got.  But it leaves me ready for the next one!





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