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“SCORING WILDER is laid back and “fun”.” ~ Under the Covers

I’ve had this book on my TBR for a while since it was recommended to UTC by a reader when we asked for good teacher/student recs.  Since then, I’ve always been wanting to try this author and all her other releases.  Time, damn it!  I need more time!  But back to the book.

SCORING WILDER is a story about an up and coming college female soccer player, Kingsley.  She’s one of the most talented freshmen and has a great shot at achieving her Olympic team aspirations.  Then Liam Wilder joins the coaching team.  He’s a professional soccer player and trying to clean up his bad boy image by taking on this coach position.  The attraction is instant.  They are warned to stay away from each other as it would be detrimental to both of their careers.  But of course they can’t.

Two things.  I am a huge soccer fan, although I’ve never been into female soccer.  So Liam Wilder is right up my alley.  I have to admit I REALLY liked him.  For all his bad boy image I thought he was a really sweet (and hot, did I mention hot?) guy!  His success hasn’t gone to his head, he loves his mom, and he’s the sweetest to Kingsley.

And second?  I love a good forbidden romance!  This student/teacher story wasn’t quite what I was hoping for in that department though.  Yes, they are warned to keep things professional.  But the desperation and fear of being caught that I look forward to reading in these types of stories was lacking in their encounters.

SCORING WILDER is laid back and “fun”.  Kingsley acts very much her age (she’s 19!) and I probably had some issues with the fact she was still a little bit immature.  Just not one of my favorite traits in a heroine.  But she’s also endearing once you step back and see her for who she is.  She’s coming to grips with the fact she may have met the man of her dreams at just 19 years old.  Freaking out a bit about the fact that she hasn’t lived her life yet but not wanting to lose him.  Being thrown in the limelight due to her own success as well as his fame.

The chemistry between the two was great.  We go from a case of insta-lust to slowly developing stronger feelings.  Just the pacing I like to see.  The side characters kept things interesting with their little romance but didn’t overtake the story.  And there’s enough drama to overcome without throwing in extra just for shock value.  All in all I enjoyed the story.

I will probably read other books by this author I will just know what mood I need to be in next time so I can enjoy the book better.  The writing is fun and upbeat but also feels young and fresh.  Not usually my cup of tea, but perfect for when I need to switch up genres or after reading something dark.  In this case, even though I wasn’t prepared for it, it lightened up my mood after a heavier book.


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  1. I dislike immaturity as well…I like how you described that it may be because, at 19, she may have met her hea and that causes her to freak out a bit