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“…action packed and exciting with all the romance I have been waiting for.”
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At last! I feel like I have been waiting for a book for Jeremy and Jaime for ages! It makes me glad that I am reading this series well after they have all been published, waiting a year between installments would be torture. The last thing Jaime expected when she started doing a TV shoot in Los Angeles was to be haunted. Being a necromancer making a living as being a celebrity psychic she knows a thing or two about ghosts; however, these ghosts aren’t acting as they should. Determined to get to the bottom of what is happening before more people die, Jaime starts to investigate. However, she isn’t alone Jeremy, alpha of the werewolves and the man Jaime hasn’t been able stop thinking about for the last few years happens to be visiting, and she hopes that protecting her isn’t the only thing he will be doing.

Like I said above, I feel like I have been waiting for this book forever, Jaime normally so self assured and outrageous turns in to a blushing clumsy teenager whenever Jeremy is on the scene and frankly it is adorable so I have been dying to see where this will lead. Well, it led to No Humans Involved another fantastic book from Kelley Armstrong, it was action packed and exciting with all the romance I have been waiting for.

What I really liked about this book was getting to know Jeremy and Jaime better, Jeremy is the alpha of the werewolves and is almost sphinx like, you never know what he is thinking and unlike the other volatile werewolves he never loses control and keeps him thoughts and emotions close to his chest. Jaime is more outgoing, but is desperate to take a hold of her own destiny and prove that she is more than just a damsel in distress and that she can do some saving of her own. I loved seeing these two different personalities come together as Jeremy backs up Jaime as she investigates the ghosts.

We are also introduced to some new characters, Hope the half demon journalist and Karl the werewolf, who although we have seen briefly in Bitten (as the villain!) we haven’t seen since. I believe they are the subject of the next book, something I can’t wait to get my hands on. Together they are investigating he strange ghosts that Jaime has found, which leads to some very unexpected places, including a BDSM dungeon. I enjoyed the story and the hunt as they tracked down the culprits it made for a fast paced and interesting read.

Another winner in this series, I recommend that you give the series a try, it is one that needs to read in order as Kelley Armstrong does a fantastic job of building up her world through each of her books and you get the full benefits of getting to know her characters. Roll on book eight!


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  1. This was one of my favorite reads in the series….loved the patio door scene between Jeremy and Jaime

  2. If you read the shorts and novellas between the novels you know more about Hope and Karl. They have stories before this book, so there you go. Read the complete series per Kelley’s downloadable PDF reading order list, at the “extras” tab on her website. There are also definitions of the demon types, character characteristics, etc.