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“Once again Armstrong has produced a book packed full of action, a little romance and some fantastic characters.”
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Paige Winterbourne is the leader of the American Coven. At least in name anyway, in reality they all think she is too young and inexperienced, not to mention her difficulties controlling her ward, the powerful teenage witch Savannah, descended from questionable parents. But Paige is determined to drag the coven into the current century despite the disapproval of the elders. But, when a figure from the past pops back into Paige and Savannah’s life, claiming to represent Savannah’s father who is willing to do anything to get her in his custody, her coven makes it clear she is by herself. And when a mysterious sorcerer turns up at her door willing to help her she needs to make a choice between keeping Savannah or keeping her coven.

I was a little unsure when I started this book, I have loved the previous two in the series, but now we are shifting our focus from the werewolves to the witches and although I liked Paige in Stolen I was unsure how well she could carry a book by herself. It turns out my fears were unfounded. Once again Armstrong has produced a book packed full of action, a little romance and some fantastic characters. Once I got started reading this I couldn’t put it down.

Paige is a different kind of heroine to Elena from the previous books, Elena has a lot of physical confidence and ability and is the more traditional kick ass heroine that most UF favours. In comparison Paige would struggle to run up a flight of stairs, instead as a witch, she has magic on her side…even if it isn’t as strong as she would like. But, I enjoyed this change in heroine Paige and Elena are completely different, the only thing they have in common is bravery, Paige would do anything to help Savannah, just as Elena would do anything for her pack.

Another character I loved in this book; Lucas Cortez. He isn’t your usual type of love interest but that’s what I adored about him, he had a formal way of speaking and he wasn’t the usual (and boring) heart throb material. Lucas and Paige fitted well together and made a great team. However, this book wasn’t really focused on the romance, although that was an element I enjoyed, the story was well paced and exciting, bringing back characters from the previous book who are stirring up mayhem again. It also reveals some more details about Savannah’s parents, as well as letting us get to know the fiery Savannah ourselves. As well as this, Armstrong expanded her world and we got a look at witches and sorcerers and how they two magic users interact, once again building a rich world for us readers to enjoy.

I can’t believe it took me this long to pick up this series, but I am glad I did, I can’t get enough of it, each book adds layers to the world Armstrong has created as well as giving us an action packed and exciting plot with characters I am falling in love with. I now can’t wait to get my hands on the next book in the series!


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  1. Make sure you check the reading order list, because there are several short stories and such between every novel. The series is ginormous, but good. I’m still reading it myself.