” I liked the differences between these two in all aspects and how they complimented each other.”
~ Under the Covers

I will admit this was all about that cover!  Gahhhh  I needed to know more about those two in the cover immediately.  So here I am reading a new author to me and I found I quite enjoy Roan Parrish.

IN THE MIDDLE OF SOMEWHERE is the story of Daniel who is taking a professor position in a small town in Michigan.  This is light years from the big city he’s used to and he’s not sure that it’s what he wants to do.  But he has no other choices at the moment but to take this position.  He looks the part of city boy, maybe even a bit of a wild bad boy with all his tats and attitude.  But he’s hiding a soft and hurt inside.  Hurt by his family, hurt by men.

In a chance encounter he meets Rex.  He’s got the masculine lumberjack look going but he’s also a bit of a loner.  I liked the differences between these two in all aspects and how they complimented each other.  And I think they had awesome chemistry!

What made this book lag a bit for me was Daniel in general as a character.  This book is narrated in his POV so at times all his insecurities and way of thinking was getting to me a bit.  I think switching POVs would’ve helped here to get me away from his ramblings for a bit.  I also think it could’ve been edited down a bit.

I do like that the author didn’t let any one episode drag with angst which I find could’ve easily happened where Daniel was involved.  He is socially awkward and sometimes you have to wonder how he even has a PhD in English.  But overall, I enjoyed Rex and the story kept me interested.  I will probably continue reading this series as well.




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  1. I enjoyed In the Middle of Somewhere, but I just finished the second in the series, Out of Nowhere, last night and it was fantastic. After reading Daniel’s POV it was hard to imagine getting attached to Colin’s character, but oh, I wanted to hug him for at least 300 pages. I am very excited to see what this author publishes next!

  2. I loved this book. Out of Nowhere was a bit hard for me to read. I wanted to see how the author was going to redeem Colin and make me like him. Overall I enjoyed it, but Rex and Daniel are still my favorites.