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“The romance is so strong in this book that I think readers will have a tough time NOT falling in love with these characters.”
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RIVER OF LOVE is the first book of Melissa Foster’s that I read without a co-author. I actually discovered her writing though Bella Andre and have been meaning to read more of her work since. Even though this is technically book fifteen in the Love in Bloom: The Bradens series, I found that I could easily slip into this world that Foster has created. As you can expect, there’s quite a big cast of characters as it revolves around a family and their friends but Foster still doesn’t allow that to overshadow the romance.

And oh, what a romance it is. Our heroine, Faith Hayes, is against all men since she was cheated on. The bad breakup was so severe that she even started an organization that supports women who have been cheated on. So it’s quite interesting that Foster paired Faith up with the love em and leave em type of Sam Braden.

Sam has a reputation of a womanizer and at first, I wondered if this was going to be one of “those” books. The one where the heroine gets falls foolishly in love with the bad boy hero and gets her heart broken. Thankfully, it wasn’t like that at all and Sam actually turned out to be quite the catch.

Foster gives so much depth to Sam’s character that you’re helpless but to fall in love with him. I can totally understand Faith’s uncertainty and mistrust concerning men after what she went through but Sam is honestly such a good boy that it’s hard not to care. His persistence and honesty is not only endearing but it made me melt countless times throughout the story. The romance is so strong in this book that I think readers will have a tough time NOT falling in love with these characters.

With fifteen books in the series already, you may balk but I’m actually really excited. I’ve found a new author and more books to devour so I can’t wait to try the others and find out what I am missing. If you like your Contemporary Romances very sweet and heavy on the romance (kind of like Bella Andre’s Sullivans style) then you absolutely need to try Melissa Foster!

Favorite Quote:

You don’t need a life jacket, Faith. I’ll keep you afloat.




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  1. Sexy Sam could gain my trust by just being consistent and honest in his attention to me.

  2. Sexy Sam could gain my trust by being his TRUE self and showing how much he value mes in his world.