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Even with thirteen books in the series, Gini Koch manages to make CAMP ALIEN bigger and better than ever. If you’re new to this series, then I highly suggest reading the series in order. But if the sheer number and size of these books intimidates you, I still think you can pick this book up and find it enjoyable.

Koch gives a very brief, but necessary recap of what happened in the last book. Jeff is now President of the United States, which makes Kitty the First Lady. Although they have faced off with the Mastermind, he has also escaped with even of his men, leaving Kitty and the crew cursing their luck. The early parts of this book is Jeff rearranging things in the White House, making necessary changes that he thinks will benefit them all and hopefully prevent any further attacks.

What I love about this series is the fact that anything is possible. Who would’ve thought that the Kitty from the first book in the series would end up here? So much has happened in this series and yet every book is as unique and refreshing as the first. With Kitty’s upbeat narration, there’s never a dull moment in this story. And even though the book is heavily convoluted with politics, I still found it easy to follow along. To have this much politics but still maintain that same lightness to the series is hard to do and that’s why Gini Koch deserves some kind of award. Hell, vote Gini for President! What she has done here is truly entertaining.

Fans of Chloe Neill’s Chicagoland Vampires series would enjoy this series. Both these series place a greater emphasis on the world and its politics so if you’re in the mood for something different and that’s not your typical Sci Fi or Urban Fantasy read, then you need to meet Koch’s kickass Kitty!




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