“The pacing is just so slow and when paired with the sad concepts and small-town feel, it can feel quite stalled. ”
~ Under the Covers

RIDE IT OUT is the fourth book in the Desert Dogs series by Cara McKenna. This is a series that is a little bit different than your traditional biker series and it has it’s pros and cons I think. What I like about this series is that you get some really great writing from McKenna. You can tell she spent some time deepening the characters to make them different. However, there is a harrowing tone to this entire series. I find that whenever I read this series, I feel a little bit depressed.

It may be because of the themes explored in this book or perhaps it’s the mellowness of all the characters but this is definitely a book that is more serious in tone. The romance isn’t necessarily at the forefront of every page because there is a lot of other stuff going on in Fortuity as well. The personal struggles of the characters often take over, leaving a lot to be desired.

There were several instances in this book where I felt a little bored. The pacing is just so slow and when paired with the sad concepts and small-town feel, it can feel quite stalled. The biker action isn’t really the focus either so if you’re looking for something a little different, this might be nice to try. But if you’re looking for the more traditional biker story, this would feel too lukewarm to the hotness you may be used to.

This series actually reminds me of a mature version of Katie McGarry’s Thunder Road series so if you’re a fan, you may enjoy this as well. There is still one more book in the series. I’m not sure if I’ll read it or not. I probably will, but that’s moreso because I can’t stand to leave a series unfinished than anything else.




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  1. Bored, oh no. Sorry, Annie.

    I had a more favorable reaction, but I was also really excited to finally get Miah’s story. I love the small town character-driven stuff so that’s probably why..

    Enjoyed your review!