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I’m going to be honest here.  I skipped Max’s book so I really hadn’t built up any anticipation for his brother’s story.  Lucas is new to the Cold Fury team and performing well is his only focus.  He mostly keeps his head in the game except for one night that he was at a team event and met museum curator Stephanie Frazier.  Stephanie has the same view on sex as he does.  Which is all about no strings.  They have one hot night together and don’t communicate afterwards.  Which was what both wanted, even though he can’t stop thinking about her and all the fun they had.  That is until she shows up…pregnant.  Lucas then has to re-evaluate his life plan quickly.

I tend to love books with this trope because they are usually sweet.  And LUCAS was that.  It’s sexy and sweet in a way that I’ve come to expect from this series.  Lucas and Stephanie definitely have sexual chemistry.  And while this book was sexy I should mention that Lucas is a sweety.  I adored his character and how he matured and was prepared to face his new life with a good attitude.  On the other hand there’s Stephanie.  I had a much harder time dealing with her.  She’s a smart girl but has A LOT of issues.  She had a very difficult and sad upbringing and hasn’t really known the love and support of friends and family before.  But the amount of time that was spent on Stephanie and her issues, the constant back and forth, felt like the whole book we made no progress and then at the end it all magically clicks and everything is well.  She made me want to throttle her!

I think this is a classic example of those books that go around in circles, building up a problem to be something so big when it reality it can be dealt with easily, and then at the end that light bulb goes off and it’s all settled.  Feels like we could’ve cut through half of all that running around and maybe delved deeper into an emotional connection between the characters.

While there were things about this book that I enjoyed and it was entertaining to read, I think it missed the mark a little for me.  I’ll still continue reading this series, though, as it’s a quick read after I’ve read a darker book.




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  1. I get really annoyed with stories with problems that are made to be bigger than necessary. It takes away from the story.