Zombie Lovin’ (Zombies in Vegas # 1)
Vegas is Dead, Baby (Zombies in Vegas # 2)
by Olivia Starke
Come and visit Vegas! A place where not even death can stop the party! Zombies may inspire the images of brain eating sleepwalkers, but in Olivia Starke’s Zombies in Vegas short stories they are hot men hung like horses and look like Adonis, I like Olivia Starke’s version, it gives a whole new meaning to being “eaten”.

I decided to review both of these novella’s at the same time, they are only 19 pages each so they are really really short, yet so much fun. Each book is a very very hot sex scene where the woman (and in the case of Vegas is Dead, Baby a couple) unknowingly invites a zombie to bed.

The books are really hot, obviously in 19 pages don’t expect much more then steamy sex, but they were fun to read and I loved the little twist at the end of each book.

*Review copies provided by publisher

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