I just loved this story!  =)  First it has the plot that I like to read best, the smaller guy being the dominant or top and the bigger guy liking to bottom.  There’s just something that appeals to me about the manly man being on that role.

But Rodney is not a wimp by any stretch of the imagination.  Yes, he’s an artist, yes, he’s skinny, but he doesn’t lack strength.  He’s even a black belt in karate.  Rodney is out and proud and anyone walking by him would know he was gay.

Hunter is a firefighter, he’s out but he tries to not be too obvious about his preferences.  That’s why he chooses to date Jerry.  Jerry is Rodney’s friend, a surfer, and the last guy you would think was gay.  Which is just what Hunter thought he was looking for.

That is until Jerry convinces Hunter to pose for Rodney and things only heat up from there.  Their chemistry is great and they just have a raw passion that sucks you in.  They have so much in common that their connection goes beyond the physical into something believable that could be lasting and work.

This was a great short read and I can’t wait to read the next one!

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