This book starts up with suspense and action. Molly was kidnapped. Nobody in her family has been worried about her disappearance except her sister Natalie. So no one is looking for her. But she gets lucky when Dare goes into the house where she was being held in Tijuana to rescue his friend’s sister, Alani.He takes Molly back home with him, with all the good intentions of just taking care of her and returning her to her family. But he soon realizes that Molly’s kidnap was different than Alani’s. They didn’t want her for human trafficking, someone wanted her out of the way. And they keep coming after her. Of course Dare won’t allow anything to happen to her. First, because it’s his job, then because he starts caring for Molly in ways he wasn’t supposed to.

Dare is the perfect romantic suspense hero. He’s big, hot, possessive, skilled, bad ass and will make your toe curls. I didn’t think he’s sudden change from “I can’t be in a relationship because of my line of work” to “I’m falling for Molly and I want her to be in my life forever” made much sense. But I liked him throughout most of the book!

Molly is a very strong character, I really liked her, she has gone through so much and she still puts up a strong front, and keeps going. I mean, what can be worse than being kidnapped and abused (good thing she wasn’t raped) and then find out the one that wanted you out was someone so close to you! So cuddos to her, and for going for what she wants (i.e. Dare).

The “bad guy” of the story was obvious to me at about 50% or so. And yes, I was right! Maybe I wasn’t expecting quite the how or the rest of the details at the end, but it was a little predictable.

My one complaint about this book was that after they come back to her place the story starts dragging. Yes, it got a bit boring, not much was happening or happened very slow. I feel that if the book would’ve been a little shorter it would’ve kept a better pace.

But I am really excited to keep reading this series, it was entertaining, and I’m glad I tried the audiobook for it, even though I don’t usually do audios for this genre. It’s Jim Frangione! I love his voice! Moving on to book 2 soon.

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  1. I liked this one as well although I must agree that it dragged for the later half of the book. I’m curious to see what the author does with this series next. Nice review!

  2. Thanks! Yeah a book definitely loses a few points when you can figure out the plot, but being the first full length novel I’ve read by this author I thought it was pretty good, and I’m excited to see where the series goes!