The Mackenzies, what a delectable and decandent treat! They are like a box of chocolates full of your favourite flavours how the hell are you supposed to pick!? You have the nutty Ian Mackenezie, the silky smooth Mac Mackenzie and now the dark chocolate treat that is Cam Mackenzie, I say dark chocolate one, because it is my favourite and two because like dark choclate Cam is slightly bitter. And frankly who can blame him? Like some of the best heroes he has a tortured past, when he was young he impulsively married, not realizing until too late that his wife was completely mad (shades of Jane Eyre in this book, but don’t worry, she isn’t hiding in the attic!) and she preceded to make Cam’s life miserable until she died under some rather suspicious circumstances.

As you can tell I completely loved Cam, I always liked him in the previous books and this one he managed to exceed my expectations. He was a little rough, he liked horses, drink and women, exactly in that order, but you know he is a good man by the way he treats his brothers and how he’s tried bumbling through being a parent to his son Daniel. What was fantastic was watching him soften a little as Ainsley becomes important in his life, he doesn’t become all gooey but he definitely melts a little.

Ainsley, I liked her, like all the heroines in this series so far she isn’t some blushing debutante but a grown woman who knows her own mind and knows what she wants. That is another thing I like about this series the heroines seem more like real women with pasts and inseurities of their own that make them stand out a little more in this genre.

Now to the SEX factor, they were hot together, the chemitry between them was fantastic you could feel the heat and the longing as you read it and it may be wise to carry around a fan with you whilst reading it because it is knicker changingly good.

So, Lord Cameron Mackenzie is my flavour of the month, I recommend you all get your teeth in to him!

My Favourite Quote:

“I don’t want to be friends with you, Ainsley Douglas. I want to be your lover. I want to bury myself inside you. I want to find out whether you taste as good all the way down, I want to feel you squeezing me, and I want to hear your cries as you take me inside you.”

My Next Flavour of the Month Hart Mackenzie

“Hart wants to win by proving he’s right-about everything- not with tittle-tattle and bedroom gossip. Hart wants to be God Almighty. No, he already thinks he’s God Almighty. Now he wants to prove it to everyone else.”

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  1. I grabbed a Jennifer Ashley book because I couldn’t resist! Everyone talks so great about her, I grabbed one from her Immortals Series. But I really want to read a highlander one, I haven’t read a historical or highlander book in ages!

  2. This book was sooo good! Lord Cameron was one tortured hero and Ainsley soothed and mended his heart. What Cameron did to protect his son while forsaking his own happiness just made me love him all the more. I especially loved the way JA was able to involve all of the family in this book. Ian at the table and taking the honey – priceless! Can’t wait till Hart and Eleanor. She is going to rock his world!