“So yayyyyy for getting to read the story.  And booooooo for getting cheated out of the hotness!” ~Under the Covers

I am glad this story was written.  We’ve seen Chris play an important role in this series and in the rescue missions that the badasses do, without him they couldn’t function properly.  But he wasn’t getting his HEA.  Maybe a lot of that having to do with the fact he’s gay.

So yayyyyy for getting to read the story.  And booooooo for getting cheated out of the hotness!  LOL  This short story is classified as romantic suspense mainly because the rest of the series is.  There is no big drama in this one other than Chris’s relationship issues with Matt.

They’re at a point where Matt thinks Chris is just the errand boy and maintenance guy at Dare’s house, and wants him to move on with his life and with him.  But Chris can’t and won’t do that because he loves his job.  Loving his job also means respecting the fact that he can’t tell anyone what Dare’s organization is about, or what his job really entails.  Why he can’t leave or get close to anyone else. And it’s tearing them apart, and breaking Chris’s heart.

Now, I know there should’ve been some heat in this story because Matt and Chris are playful and obviously are into each other.  I actually enjoyed seeing that flirty side of Chris, as well as a more intense side.  He always comes across so geeky and get-the-job-done.  But Matt brought a different Chris to the surface, and that was nice to see.  I just wish we would’ve been privy to what happened between them when the doors closed 🙁

My favorite part of this story?  When Dare and Trace walk into Matt’s salon and suck the air out of the room, pretty much.  They were so out of place but still managed to be so badass even in that environment, intimidating poor Matt.  Loved!

Now there’s finally closure in the series.  Everyone is truly happy and they all are great friends.  *sigh*

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  1. I was so excited to see Chris got his story, but have to say now I’m a little bummed that we don’t get to see him in “action” 🙁 as I can only imagine how hot he would be.

    Still looking forward to reading…

  2. Okay, so when saw this book talked about on FB, I thought people were kidding. She wrote a book with m/m (no action). Wow! Just wow!. I’m so behind on the series but O.M.G. That is awesome for Lori to take up the challenge.


  3. Another book waiting on my kindle—oh to have the time—but hey, at least my edits are now done, lol.
    I have been dying for Chris’s story and can’t wait to see how Lori writes this m/m romance.